Activities You Should Be aware of about overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safaris are one of the best experiences you’ll get on the Dubai City Tour. You will be able to escape the life of cement and crowds and walk into the natural beauty of the desert. Dubai is renowned for its famous Arab deserts and the desert safari lets visitors to experience the desert unlike anything else.

A common issue that many people face is the temperatures. Fortunately, there’s nothing to fret about. One solution to this is to plan your desert safari overnight.

What You Need To Be Educated About overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Let’s talk about some of the aspects you must be aware of about Overnight Desert Safari Dubai.

1. Convenient pickup

The most challenging things about taking an adventure is the driving to get there. The good news is that Desert Evening Safari has the solution to this problem. The company offers a free pick-up service from any point within Dubai and Sharjah until the point of desert. This provides you with the ideal start of your adventure.

2. Dunes Bashing

The overnight desert excursions are on the way with 4×4 vehicles crashing through the desert dunes. So, overnight desert safaris are accompanied by SUVs of your choice, so that you can speed across the cool desert.

3. Sand Boarding & Camel Rides

There is nothing that shows off a trip to Dubai more than the camel ride. You can ride the most healthiest of camels and ride through the sand. You can also try Sand boarding a go to experience a truly memorable experience.

4. Henna Painting

Henna Paint is fantastic tradition for women and children as well. Our overnight desert safari package allow you to enjoy henna painting for yourself and your children and provide a brand new experience.

5. Arabic attires & Photography

Our excursions will give you authentic Arab atmosphere with our free traditional attire and no cost photography. You will cherish those small moments with photos to look back at in the future. Our photographers will assist you to get the best sunset photos and sunrises like no other.

6. Food & Beverages

A stay in a hotel for the night isn’t complete without good food , so our desert safari package for overnight stays includes complimentary BBQ cooking, grilling food and soft drinks for free to elevate your experience up a notch.

7. Music System & Dance Floor

Nothing makes a stay more exciting than music and dancing, so we have an area for dancing and an amazing music system to make your stay unforgettable.

8. Dinner Tables, pillows & Mattresses Bags

An unpleasant trip is not worth the effort, so Desert Evening Safari provides quality pillows, a table for dinner and comfortable tents to our guests to ensure that they are able to relax at a good level after their safari.

9. Drop Off

We won’t let you be stranded following your experience because satisfaction is the most important thing. Additionally, you will receive an unbeatable drop-off at the place you prefer to ensure you are safe arrive at your destination.

10. Other Things to Keep In Your Mind

There are additional factors to remember when booking the overnight safari. Keep these things in mind can make your trip more enjoyable.

11. Age Limit

It is possible to take your toddlers younger than 3 to enjoy this wonderful excursion without worrying about the budget.

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