How to Become CompTIA Security+ Professional

As the cyber security industry grows, more and more people want to become cyber security engineers and cybersecurity analysts. CompTIA Security+ training and certification could help your resume stand out from the crowd of people looking for qualified security professionals.

CompTIA is one of the most respected organisations that certify IT skills, and its Security+ certification has become a standard in a short amount of time. In order to get this CompTIA certification, you have to pass an exam with multiple-choice and performance-based questions.

When you pass the test, you will be seen as an expert in information security. But that’s getting ahead of things. You should first decide which CompTIA Security+ classes to take so you have the best chance of passing the test.

What is CompTIA Security+?

CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that shows you can do basic security tasks, verifies your skills, and prepares you for a career in IT security. CompTIA Security+ is the best security certification you can get if you want to work in the IT field.

CompTIA gives out the CompTIA Security+ certification. CompTIA is a non-profit organisation that has been around since 1982 and is based in Illinois. It is in charge of giving industry-standard certifications for several IT fields. It has members and influence all over the world, and more than 2.2 million certifications have been given out.

What are the Benefits of CompTIA Security+ Certification?

CompTIA Security+ is one of the top available certifications and offers various advantages over others. Several significant advantages of this examination are listed below.

  • The United States Department of Defense has mandated and authorised the CompTIA Security+ certification. There, it is referred to as the DoD 8570. CompTIA Security+ certification is now the standard for government workers in cyber security.
  • This certification is less expensive than others. But more on that in a moment.
  • Security+, unlike many other accessible certificates, has no prerequisites and hence requires no prior experience. You only require knowledge.
  • Unlike other certifications in information technology, CompTIA requires only one exam. Please note that you need an exam voucher in order to take the exam.

How to Earn CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA Security+ certification can be earned by passing a single exam. Although there are no official criteria, CompTIA recommends that candidates have at least two years of experience as system administrators with a focus on security.

Obtaining your CompTIA Security+ certification is admittedly a bit of a pain. To help obtaining CompTIA Security+ certification easier, we have compiled this thorough guide covering every element of the process.

How Much Time Does It Take to Obtain CompTIA Security+ Certification?

According to numerous student forums, CompTIA Security+ certification tests are less difficult and require less preparation time than other IT certifications. In general, it takes between 30 and 45 days of preparation to pass the Security+ exam, however this varies from person to person.

How Much Does CompTIA Security+ Certification Cost?

CompTIA Security+ is the most affordable certification exam on the market, with a cost of approximately $300. In some locations, the price may be as little as $200, although it varies by state.

Requirements for CompTIA Security+ Certification

Prior to taking the exam, you are expected to have at least two years of job experience in a field connected to information technology, notwithstanding the absence of explicit prerequisites. As for the examination itself, determining the knowledge gap between what you already know and what your study resources indicate you need to know will make all the difference.

Certifications for Security+ granted on or after January 1, 2011 are valid for three years. To renew it at the end of each three-year period, you must complete more training, pass another exam, or participate in at least 50 CEU-eligible continuing education events (CEUs). Visit CompTIA’s website to learn more about CEUs.

Exam Syllabus

The CompTIA Security+ test curriculum includes a variety of subjects, such as firewalls and VPN connections. The whole list of exam topics is published on the official website, and you should periodically check the site for modifications to the syllabus. Exam completion takes 90 minutes, and the typical passing score is 750 out of 900.

Top Study Guides for CompTIA Security+ Certification

Study guidelines are essential to the development of any ability. Some of the most effective study guides are listed here.

CompTIA Security+ Study Guide by How To Network

This is the most comprehensive Security+ certification study guide on the market.

In addition to a fantastic presentation of topics, the book offers footnotes regarding common stumbling blocks, which aids in the preparation of the reader. It is required reading for anyone expecting to pass the exam.

101 Labs – CompTIA Security+ Study Guide

The book by Paul Browning is a masterpiece. It comprehensively covers all Security+ exam objectives. It is equally effective as a study tool as a work reference. It contains practise questions and detailed explanations of topics covered on the certification examination.

The Finest CompTIA Security+ Resources and Learning Guides Available Online

Anyone who is interested in seeking the Security+ certification can find an abundance of materials on the Internet, including study guides and informal tutorials. The Internet is like an ocean of resources. The following is a list of some of the most helpful materials and study guides that can be found anywhere.

CompTIA Official Website

It is imperative that you utilise the CompTIA website in order to practise and gain an understanding of the subjects for the exam. Proceed to the resources page, where you will find practise exams and study aids that contain information that was covered in prior years. Make the most of these abundant resources, and put in as much time as you can to your preparation for the test.

CompTIA initiated this service not long ago, just a few years ago, as a direct response to the multitude of websites that were demanding unreasonably high rates for counterfeit items.


You probably already know that YouTube is the most comprehensive resource library in the entire planet. The countless hours of video lectures included in the CompTIA Security+ certification exam are widely regarded as one of the best options available, both for novices and for seasoned professionals.

Several videos provide an exhaustive breakdown of the test in its entirety. Others just include former test takers talking about their experiences, which is a really helpful resource for anyone who is looking to lessen their level of uncertainty.

Why Should I Become Certified in CompTIA Security+?

Certification is the most effective method for employers to validate your talents. It serves as written evidence that you are an expert in the field and are ready for employment.

Regarding information security, the Security+ certification is the industry benchmark. It is required for individuals beginning their careers in cyber security and is approved for all types of positions worldwide.

CompTIA Security+ Job Opportunities

Glassdoor reports that the typical annual income for a professional in the field of cyber security is approximately $69,123. Every year, the United States economy creates approximately 165,000 new openings for jobs requiring expertise in computer and network security. It is anticipated that the number of jobs in this sector would increase by 25 percent in the not too distant future.

These figures offer their own interpretation. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should get your Security+ certification, the prospects for industry growth should be enough to sway you one way or the other.

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