Tips for the Clean Your Roof and Hire Roof Cleaning Experts

A dirty rooftop can be something that can ruin the entire visual appeal of a house. The rooftops of a house are visible and are probably the first sight that any visitor lays his or her eyes on. They say the first impression is the last and that is why having a clean rooftop is an important driving factor of the social norms of cleanliness. 

You may compare a dirty roof to someone with dirty shoes. No matter how expensive paints you apply and the accessories you add to the exterior this one very simple aspect may ruin the entire vibe of your house. To solve this very problem, you may hire roof cleaning experts. These experts are well versed in the detailing concepts and the safety precautions which are to be taken while cleaning a roof.

Top Reasons to Clean Your Rooftop That You Can’t Afford to Neglect!

The top reasons for roof cleaning are as follows:

  • Removal of algae and mildew formations
  • Cleaning bird droppings
  • To prevent the dirt and residue to destruct the structure of the rooftop
  • Stain removal
  • Prevent rotting
  • To prevent corrosion of paint
  • To give your house an enhanced look

How often to get your roofs cleaned is subjective but getting them cleaned at least once every year is the least one should do. Some experts say that the best time to get your rooftops cleaned is to do it after the rainy season to let it shine throughout the year while some say that it’s before winter. But according to us, it is a subjective matter. It entirely depends on the location that you reside in. 

How To Clean Your Roof (And Why You Shouldn’t DIY)

If you are using chemicals to do roof cleaning, then do not be in a hurry to wash it out. They take some time to work on the stains and loosen them up so let them are there for some time. You may also need to repeat the same process twice or even thrice in some cases for better results. 

  • Using an extremely high-powered pressure washer may sound like a nice idea but, it will only wash out your shingles and nothing else.
  • Most experts believe that instead of using a high-powered pressure wash use the chemicals and spread it evenly on the roof. After a good amount of time wash it out using a garden hose with medium pressure. 
  •  Don’t get over-excited with the chemicals and spread it all over the roof and everywhere you feel like.
  • Consider the green landscape around your rooftop. Using such chemicals on them can kill them and you may take months to grow them back again. So, use the chemicals wisely. 
  • Use enough safety precautions. Especially if you have a slant roof, use a good quality harness and ropes to tie you to a hook and the roof.
  • The chemicals and soaps can make the surface slippery, and you may end up hurting yourself. Even if the roof is flat, roof cleaning can be dangerous so use soles with good grooves for a better grip.
  • Try and choose a cool day to clean the roof. There have been instances of people experiencing sun strokes while cleaning their roofs on a sunny day.
  • Along with that the solution that you will use will evaporate at a higher rate and won’t be able to work on the stains and algae efficiently.


At the end of the day, roof cleaning is something that is often ignored by many homeowners.

but they do not realize that no matter how well they decorate the house, there will be something that will look off in the entire picture.

And the thing that’s off is the dirty roof. It sounds like nothing, but the entire process consumes a good amount of energy, time, and resources. 

If you do not wish to do it yourself then you may hire professional roof cleaning services.

They will send a professional to do the entire job with the needed solutions and chemicals and all the necessary tools. All you need to do is pay them for their services and relax to see a clean and shiny rooftop the next time you move out.

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