How long are Covid 19 tests valid?

Millions of people got infected and billions died while surrendering their battle with Covid-19. Therefore, in a such tense situation, doctors worked day and night to save lives and make their future secure from upcoming variants.

To deal with the deadly coronavirus and its aftereffects, scientists invented reliable and safe tests that can be trusted for examining an infected person. From an RT PCR Test to a rapid antigen test, patients undergo multiple examinations to acquire accurate results with a precise Ct value.

As we all know, other than these tests, multiple vaccines were also invented that aimed at developing the antibodies inside the patient’s body. These antibodies strengthen the immune system and make the individual strong enough to deal with the virus and its upcoming variants.

What is an RT PCR Test?

Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction is a molecular lab test that deals with the RNA present inside a human body. Basically, the structure of RNA is unstable to run multiple amplifications. Therefore, first, it’s converted into complex DNA or cDNA. This cDNA is based on two single-stranded structures that are stable enough to deliver a correct cycle threshold value.

RT PCR Test Procedure

After heating, the cDNA is generated and then it’s attached with primers once cooled down. On heating again, DNA bases are attached to it using the Taq polymerase enzyme. Here, the DNA segment is ready to run the amplification.

Amplification is the procedure of 30-40 times replicating a single DNA segment. This procedure gives the Ct value. The Ct value is higher when the virus is low whereas it’s lower when the virus’s impact is higher inside the human body.

What are rapid antigen tests?

Rapid Antigen Tests or RATs are known as the easiest and cheap way to test yourself against Covid-19. Majority of pharmaceutical organizations have made their own RATs with different instructions mentioned on the box. But there’s a high possibility of a RAT resulting false positive because it isn’t a sensitive test and a minor mistake can change the whole result. Therefore, when testing yourself make sure to follow the instructions strictly so you won’t get a false positive result.

How long are covid-19 tests valid?

There are different covid tests with different validity periods. For example; If you’re traveling, an RT PCR test is considered valid until 72 hours.

RT PCR Test Results

Majority Laboratories in the UAE offer covid testing services with the promise of delivering results within 2-3 days. But now the infections people require same day results. Therefore, here we have brought to you a solution that can provide you same day PCR test results.

RT PCR Test Dubai

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