Incorporate Basmati rice into your diet and add these incredible benefits to your health

It is a fact worth considering that there are many countries in the world in which Basmati rice is used as the primary ingredient in their staple dishes. Rice is mainly categorized into small, medium, and large-grained grains wherein Basmati rice is classified as a large-sized aromatic grain. It is generally cultivated in various states of India such as – Uttar Pradesh and Himachal. Basmati Rice is served with a variety of curries, meat, and vegetables. Its characteristics such as – grain length, aroma, and non-stickiness are what make it a worthy dish to be consumed. Indubitably, Gluten free basmati rice is enriched with lots of nutrients and health benefits. Let us understand how incorporating basmati Sella rice can prove to be beneficial to health.

Incredible Benefits of Basmati rice –

Nowadays, weight- watchers find a considerable number of reasons to eliminate rice from their diet. Since such sources of information are neither backed up by any research nor have any logic behind them. It is now very imperative to reflect upon the enriched goodness and health benefits of Basmati rice in an elaborated manner –

  1. The Rich source of Carbohydrates and Protein – The role of carbohydrates is to break down food into glucose which furthermore fuels the body with energy to perform day-to-day activities. Gluten-free basmati rice is a rich source of carbohydrates and should be consumed regularly for good body energy levels. Moreover, it is also abundant in fiber, which satiates the stomach, keeping it full for longer. Eating rice helps eliminate hunger cravings and maintain a healthy bodily weight. A 100 gram of cooked rice contains around 130 calories and 2 grams of protein and added fiber. It can improve your daily nutritional requirements as well.
  2. An added benefit to brain and heart health – By consuming basmati Sella rice, the risk of heart and brain diseases is mitigated. The anti-inflammatory properties of this grain help to reduce the rate of plaque deposition in blood veins surrounding the heart. It can safeguard the heart from sudden attacks and strokes. Basmati rice is also rich in vitamin B1 or popularly known as Thiamine. It adds up to brain health and reduces the risk of any serious diseases such as – Wernicke encephalopathy.
  3. Reduces Constipation – It needs to be illuminated that a cup of brown basmati rice contains approximately 6 grams of fiber. For people finding it difficult to pass their stools, adding fiber to their diet through rice can cause a good bowel movement.
  4.  Good for Skin Care – There are numerous skin care gimmicks floating around the internet promising skin glow yet constantly failing at all these assurances. Rice for skin care is known as one of the finest hacks for instantly glowing skin and has promising results as well. Grind the basmati rice to powdered form, add it to the milk and apply it all over the face for 10-15 minutes before washing. It radiates the glow on the skin instantly in long term.

Since the various sorts of rice providers and manufacturers vouch for its authenticity, it becomes difficult to choose the best Basmati rice Indian brand. No doubt, Alishaan food has been surpassing all the other brands in the Indian market for over 37 years now. It produces top-grade quality basmati rice which undergoes quality checks with the help of tools such as – Electric vernier calipers and lab polishers. The team of professionals ensures that every grain of rice packed is free from any chemical residue and dust particles. Hence, placing the trust in Alishaan Basmati rice indeed would be the most righteous choice to make.



🡺  Why rice is not gluten-free?

Rice is very much gluten-free. People allergic to gluten can consume rice without any guild or pressure. It can be consumed in any form; thus, the basmati rice recipe includes – kheer, jeera rice, biryani, etc.

🡺  What is Gluten?

Gluten is a form of protein that is present in several grains such as – barley and wheat. Its stretchy nature allows the food to be held together. People having celiac allergies are intolerant to gluten and should not consume such food items.

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