Cloud Accounting vs. Traditional
Accounting – Why are they not alike?

Cloud hotel accounting software is, as the name suggests, a service that runs in a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. This type of software does not need to be installed on your computer. You log into the website and it will sync automatically with any other devices you use on that particular internet connection.

Traditional accounting software is installed through some form of download onto your computer and typically requires an annual subscription or pays per user per month to use. There are many factors that can make up this difference between these two types of accounting software but it is important for businesses to note which one they have and what their cost model will most likely consist of before choosing a system for their hotel’s bookkeeping needs.

Cloud accounting is the contemporary type of accounting software to hit the market. It started making a name for itself in 2000’s. From there, other companies have come out with similar services. This type of cloud software has grown rapidly and is seen by many as the future of bookkeeping for small businesses because of it being accessible through multiple devices, needing no installation, having little ongoing costs for using the service, and most importantly being cloud hosted which means there is limited downtime or failures that can occur with outages.

With traditional accounting software you are purchasing an application that will run on your computer.

The term “cloud accounting software” can be confusing, because the thing it actually refers to could either mean software designed for cloud computing, or any type of computerized accounting system.

What is a “traditional accounting software”? Most people understand this as the kind of accountancy that you find in traditional offices and back offices, not in your PC or tablet. The computerized version is more advanced than manual recording and allows for tasks such as daily sales tracking, budgeting, bank reconciliation and invoicing.

Cloud-based systems are increasingly popular these days; they allow hospitality industry leaders to access their documents digitally from anywhere at any time. These programs also make it easier for hotel businesses to save on paper costs by using digital documents rather than paper ones. Typically, cloud-based programs are the kind that are mostly used in successful businesses and organizations.

When comparing cloud accounting software to traditional accounting software, you need to consider some of the advantages of cloud-based programs. Here’s a closer look into some of them:

1. Easy to use: Cloud-based systems are designed with ease of use in mind, while some traditional accounting software can be a bit hard to understand because they were created before computers became widely used and before it was beneficial for technical ease of use. Cloud computing systems also require little or no installation; everything is done online and accessed with a web browser (note: you will need internet connection).

2. Reduced setup time: Cloud-based accounting software doesn’t need to be installed on your PC or laptop; everything is done online and is accessible by any web browser, including mobile ones. You don’t need to set up or download any additional software to use the system; simply log in and start using it immediately.

3. Fewer upgrades: Since cloud-based hotel accounting systems do not require installation, they are also less likely to work with versions of the software provided earlier than the one currently in use. With traditional accounting software, it’s easy for this program’s version number to get outdated and unsupported, so you will have to update each time a new version comes out (and you will have to pay extra).

4. No storage issues: You won’t need to worry about how much storage space you have when using cloud-based accounting software. The programs are stored on the Internet, so you can access them from anywhere without having to worry about how much space is available on your PC or laptop. This can be a big advantage if the business runs from several locations that don’t share the same server; it’s easy to log in from any location and access all information.

5. No limitations: If your organization operates in several areas that are difficult to reach by internet or requires special access, traditional accounting software will become a problem quickly. With cloud-based accounting software, it’s easy to connect both mobile and desktop devices to the system; you can log into your account from anywhere, use the program on any device and access information anytime.

In summary, cloud-based accounting software is an ideal solution to a lot of issues that traditional accounting software might cause. It’s definitely a great alternative if you’re trying to improve your business and make it more efficient.

Cloud accounting software and traditional accounting software both generate financial information for the hotels. While the cloud accounting platform like Nimble may be more convenient, it can also cost less.

Traditional bookkeeping software comes with numerous challenges and costs involved.

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