Different Types of Federal Government Jobs

Some students want to enter the corporate world, while others want to work for the government. The federal government recruits a huge number of people in different types of jobs. Different fields like administration, construction, finance, clerical, security, and various other departments can get into. Here is a list of government jobs and salaries one can consider opting for.

  1. Secretary

To begin with different federal government jobs, the first one that comes to mind is the job of a secretary. Secretaries are responsible for the following

  • taking phone calls,
  • collecting information,
  • scheduling appointments,
  • taking dictation,
  • cleaning offices,
  • greeting office visitors,
  • producing work schedules,
  • saving crucial information,
  • developing reports.

Secretaries work with different types of professionals like Congress representatives, department managers, presidential aid, and military officers. The average salary of a secretary is $34,057 per year.

  • Correctional officer

The second type of federal government job is the position of correctional officer. Here the officers implement laws and regulations for federal companies and general office security. Correctional officers work in federal offices and offer protection and general security to visitors and other employees.

These employees are also responsible for the following:

  • collecting evidence from crime scenes,
  •  interrogating suspects
  • interviewing witnesses to gather crucial data about suspected criminal behaviour.

The standard salary of a correctional officer is $38,805 per year.

  • Data entry clerk

The 3rd one is a data entry clerk whose job is to gather crucial information in a department and save it as both hard copy and soft copy. The duty of a data entry clerk also consists of:

  • reading through different data,
  • ensuring the accuracy of data sorting the data based on different factors,
  • choosing the right option to store data
  • file the data in the right way.

Data entry clerks work in various federal environments like the tax department, where they collect tax information; they also work in the accounting department for compiling financial status and saving crucial Congress memos and legal data. The average salary of a data entry clerk is $39,556 per year.

  • Computer network support specialist

The 4th federal government job that one can get into is the position of a computer network support specialist. When studying computer networks, students sometimes needcomputer network assignment helpto ensure it meets the standards. The responsibility of a computer network support specialist includes:

  • improving the network to ensure the overall operations are working smoothly.
  • they are also responsible for securing the network,
  • training other computer network specialists in the department,
  • teaching employees about the network security protocols,
  • repairing if there are any errors in the network
  • offering general support for network operation

The average salary of a computer network support specialist is $41,636 per year.

  • Human resource specialist

The 5th federal government job that comes to mind is the position of an HR or human resource. These experts manage the staff of a federal office to make sure that they have job satisfaction. The responsibilities of an HR are:

  • Identifying morale-boosting efforts for employees,
  • addressing employee concerns,
  • building stronger connections between employees with team-building exercises,
  • ensuring everyone follows company guidelines,
  • brainstorming customer appreciation plans.

Moreover, a federal HR specialist performs the same tasks as that of a private sector, but they follow the federal workplace guidelines.

  • Firefighter

Another one is the job of a firefighter, who is responsible for protecting federal property from fire risk and fires. For instance, a firefighter can work on military bases and nature preserves and keep an eye on potential fires.

They can also work in the federal building to handle fires and take protective measures like installing a sprinkler system, smoke detectors, fire protection doors and fire extinguishers. Firefighters also regularly check these systems to ensure they work properly if a fire occurs. The average salary of a firefighter is $47,392 per year.

  • Tax specialist

There are several jobs in the federal government sector, and one of them is the position of a tax specialist. They are responsible for:

  • helping different government bodies to manage tax collection and preparation when required.
  • A tax specialist is responsible for preparing taxes for government departments,
  • correcting common filing errors,
  • discussing new tax updates,
  • identifying potential tax breaks and filing taxes for a department and explaining multiple tax rules.

Moreover, these experts audit their departments to remove any errors and ensure that all tax rules are followed to the T. the average salary of a tax specialist is $53,188 per year.

  • Accountant

Another one is the job of an accountant who manages financial preparations and keeps records of departments. Moreover, their main responsibility is to:

  • identify potential record mistakes,
  • update financial records,
  • provide information for tax preparation,
  • discuss new budgets,
  • calculate credits,
  •  balance a department’s budget,
  • track costs,
  • create new financial plans and explain a department’s financial health.

Highly skilled federal accountants ensure that all financial data are stored properly and handled with care. The average salary of an accountant is $53,847 per year.

  • Lawyer

The next one is the job of a lawyer who protects the legal rights of federal organisations during lawsuits and criminal trials. Federal lawyers are also responsible for:

  • helping federal organisations follow up on compensation situations, like when a federal contractor files a case against their client for a breach of contract.
  • Moreover, a lawyer is also responsible for offering their help when developing legal documents,
  • describing rules and regulations to employees etc.

The average salary of a federal lawyer is $58,257 per year.

  1. Registered nurse

Another one is the job of a registered nurse who offers services to the federal government. These nurses offer hands-on care for recovering soldiers in federal veterans’ hospitals. They also work in military hospitals or in educational centres. There is some federal nurse who also works in federal buildings. The national standard salary of a registered nurse is $89,127 per year.

To sum up

The above-mentioned job positions show that there are different types of jobs in the federal department. Moreover, students can seek machine learning homework help while they are studying to complete their education.

Author bio– Andy Anderson is a photographer who also enjoys helping out students by offering them computer network assignment helpon MyAssignmenthelp.com.

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