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Description:- Dhaakad Movie is the latest Bollywood indian Hindi dubbed movie. The Dhaakad movie was released 20 may 2022.

Check out our reviews and ratings of the latest Dhaakad movie releases! We watched our DHAKAD Movies Full Review and will provide you with what you need to know about the upcoming release. Keep up with the newest movies on our website or through social media – we’ll keep you updated if there are any new releases, so stay tuned!

About Dhaakad Movie?

Dhaakad Movie is the latest Bollywood indian Hindi dubbed movie. The Dhaakad movie was released 20 may 2022. This movie is directed Debutant Razneesh Ghai, and produced by Soham Rockstar Entertainment, and Sohel Maklai Productions. In this film, the lead actor Kangana Ranaut and alongside with Arjun Rampaland Divya Dutta.

Dhaakad Movie Full Cast

Kangana RanautAgent Agni
Arjun RampalRudraveer
Divya DuttaRohini
Tumul BalyanPratap
Gabriel GeorgiouShamsher
Gyula MesterházyFyodor
Mahim MasumPolice
Siddhant ShuklaTraitor
Wayne BrettDoctor
Ankit PachoriAgent
Titiksha ShrivastavaITF Agent
Dániel Viktor NagySheikh

Dhaakad Movie Rating

Dhaakad is a latest new Indian movies. It starts with an ‘A’ grade and goes down to a ‘D’. The higher the grade, the more expensive the movie will be. If we talk about the rating and reviews of Dhaakad movie. So 48% of Google users have liked this movie. Dhaakad movie has got a rating of 5.8/10 from IMDb. Which is a normal rating, but before the release of the movie, a lot was being expected from this movie. That this movie will do wonders on the big screen. But due to doing something, this movie seems to be flopping very badly.

Storyline Dhaakad Movie 

Agent Agni is a member of the International Task Force (ITF) who is brutal in her approach to dealing with terrorists and criminals. Agni is an orphan whose parents were assassinated when she was young. An ITF officer raises her after that. Agni is dispatched to Budapest to obtain information on an armament and people trafficking ring. Rudraveer and his companion, Rohini, are the masterminds of the scheme, according to the material she gathered. Rudraveer is a mystery individual that works out of the Sohagpur Coal Fields in India, near Bhopal. Agni is dispatched to gather information about Rudraveer in order to apprehend him. Agni pushes forward despite her reservations, despite the fact that her parents perished in India.

How to Watch Dhaakad Full Movie

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Kangana Ranaut’s latest movie, Dhaakad, has come to an end. s Dhaakad movie was a suspense thriller that kept the audience on their toes till the very end. The movie had many twists and turns, and it was exciting to watch. But for several reasons this movie was a big flop. 

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