Top treks in Himachal Pradesh

Introduction –

Himachal Pradesh is in a way known as the land of the best trekking adventures in India. It offers a wide range of trekking opportunities and options which would clearly melt the heart of the trekking junkies. While there are a lot of options to choose from, the Hampta Pass trek is one of the best treks in Himachal Pradesh. you also visit rupine pass trek.

Itinerary –

Located at 14,000 ft Hampta Pass in Himachal Pradesh falls under a rare, dramatic pass crossing in the Himalayas. On one side is the lush green valley of Kullu filled with forests, grasslands, and flowers blooming on the side of the trail. On the opposite side is the arid  landscape of Lahaul. It is full of barren mountains and almost no vegetation.

Standing on the top of the pass if you see around, what is ahead and behind are two different worlds. Thus the changes occur in a matter of seconds.

The Hampta Pass is Himachal Pradesh’s ‘Valley of Flowers’. The surroundings are remarkably reminiscent to Valley of Flowers, a verdant valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

If you get onto the other side of the Hampta Pass, you will be in awe by looking at the stark contrast from what you have left behind. This landscape stretching in front of you now is Spiti Valley, known for its barren stretches, rugged terrain and beautiful blue skies.

What makes the dramatic changes even more exciting is how thrilling the climb to Hampta Pass is. For trekkers, crossing the Hampta Pass is a beautiful story of adventure.  They would love the nervous excitement of climbing to the pass over many ledges, almost appearing to get to the pass, but never really sure until they get there. On this trek, you move from one place to the other over 6 days.

On Moderate treks, you usually walk for about 6-8 km each day. The ascents and descents could get steeper while you go ahead.The highest point will be between 13,000 and 14,000 feet above sea level. You might come across tricky patches very often which would require you to navigate with a certain amount of caution. There might also be several small streams and river crossings. Your aim should be to cover 5 km with an intention to finish within 35 minutes each day.

Spread distantly from the lush green scenery of Kullu and Manali valley to the barren landscapes of Spiti, Hampta Pass Trek is on the to do list of every wanderer’s bucket-list. You must visit Chandrataal, which is also known as the ‘Lake of the Moon’. It is a unique, emerald crescent shaped lake that changes its colour throughout the day. Trail through the vertical rock walls, the glossy grasslands, murmuring streams, mesmerizing waterfalls, the hanging glaciers and what not. You will get to witness the beautiful confluence of 3 passes Hampta, Rohtang and Spiti Valley, a surreal treat to the eyes. Take this chance to explore the distinct Buddhist culture of the inhabitants of Sethan who are the original migrants from Tibet and Spiti Valley. A person who loves to spend time in the lap of nature, it is their time to trek in the dreamland of the unpredictable terrains of Hampta Pass. The landscapes change vividly after every few hours while walking through the Hampta Pass trekking trail. The abundance of natural beauty will take you by surprise at every twist and turn of the trek. The entire trail of the Hampta Pass trek is dotted with all those things you can dream of witnessing on a trek. What makes the dramatic changes intense even more, is how thrilling the climb to Hampta Pass is. For trekkers, crossing the Hampta Pass is a great adventure-filled experience. You will love the anxious excitement of climbing to the pass.

Conclusion –

Trekking in the Himalayas can get a bit tricky but it is also very much fun. You see it all in this trek. One of the best experiences ever would result from it.

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