20 Imperative Features Offered by the Top Live Streaming Services in India

Live Streaming Services

You can get the best live streaming services in India that make your event successful with effort. All you need is to know various features that can be helpful in obtaining high customization, engagement, communication, and integration opportunities.

Hence, 20 features that can be helpful in finding and picking the right live streaming solutions are as follows:

1. Top-Notch Customization:

You can create your own live streaming from top to bottom. Furthermore, you will be able to develop proper branding and every aspect of your event platform.

2. Brilliant Branding:

You can get an excellent space to promote everything you want in your event. Furthermore, you can display various formats of the content in order to create and share more information with global audiences. Hence, you can design different images, gifs, teasers, trailers, infographics, videos, and more.

3. Unlimited Streaming:

You can have an unlimited range for your content streaming. Furthermore, it can be helpful in creating as much live streaming as you want without hassle.

4. Parallel Multi-Platform Streaming:

It can be really hectic to broadcast different events on various social media platforms separately. Hence, you can get simultaneous live streaming that can be helpful in publicizing various events on multiple platforms simultaneously.

5. Third-Party Integration:

You can increase numerous engagement, interaction, and payment options for your event by integrating different apps and software into your event. Hence, the streaming services offer complete support to the 3rd party integrations. For instance, you can get WhatsApp, Zoom Meeting, MS team, Google Meet, PayPal, BluJeans Meeting, Razorpay, Hubspot, and more.

6. Dynamic Device Support:

You need to choose the live streaming services that can be helpful in logging and joining the event with any device. Hence, your audiences can attend your live streaming from anywhere in the world with any device, such as mobile, laptop, PC, tablet, etc.

7. Real-Time Archiving:

You will always get some latecomers at your event. Furthermore, they will join in the middle of the event and leave as soon as they feel they can not understand anything. Hence, the webcast services offer the real-time archiving feature. It can be helpful in rewinding the video and watching it from start to finish.

8. Content Delivery Network:

The webcast services providers ensure a high-quality content delivery to the audiences. You can create better availability and performance in your live streaming with the help of a strong CDN.

9. Multi-Bitrate IP Encoding:

The streaming services providers help fight the caught traffic fluxes over bandwidth without hassle. They adapt to the streaming conditions with the multi-bitrate IP encoding efficiently.

10. Internet Connectivity Solution:

You can avoid the lagging or hindrance of your video during the webcast with high-internet connectivity. Thus, the live streaming services provider offers the best internet connection solutions.

11. Ticker:

You can create various tickers in order to share any updates, changes, announcements, schedules, speakers, sessions, or any essential information with the audience. Hence, you can design common and personalized ticker notifications for global audiences. Furthermore, it will appear as a pop-up on the screen of the audience’s device.

12. Branded Logos:

You can use your brand logos on your live streaming, which can be helpful in making your attendees memorize your brand better.

13. Branded Frames:

You can create some frames based on your brand themes. Furthermore, you can display these during the speaker’s session.

14. Countdown Timer:

You can create your own countdown timer that can be helpful in building a sense of urgency among the audience. Hence, you can make it appear on the sales and registration pages.

15. Live Chat:

The streaming services provider companies offer chat options in real-time for audiences across the globe. Hence, you can now text and discuss anything with anyone at the event using the live chat feature.

16. Emoticon Reactions:

The live streaming services in India can help you get various emojis for easy interaction between speakers and attendees. Hence, the attendees can use different emojis to express their feeling and experience with the speakers available at the session.

17. Like and Comment:

You can get the feature to like and comment on the various sessions on your live streaming platform. Hence, the audience http://Techforbess.com can like the session and share their experience and questions written via the comment section.

18. Live Audience Interactivity:

You can get more options like making your attendees join the stage and interact with the user in real-time. Hence, they can talk and discuss all the facts about the topic in real-time.

19. Customer Support:

You can get 24/7 support from the audience. Hence, you can contact the experts for technical issues in your live streaming.

20. Insightful Data and Analytics:

The live streaming services offer you insightful data and analytics for your event. It can be helpful in getting the complete attendees’ activity throughout the event.

So, these are the various features that you can get by reaching the best live streaming companies. You can create a seamless experience by boosting communication, engagement, and networking opportunities.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in understanding the importance of picking the right live streaming services.

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