Tips to Pass Your LGV Cat C Practical Test

Tips to Pass Your LGV Cat C Practical Test

If you have done training to be an LGV driver, you already know how much hard work and revision are needed. And if you have just started, then welcome! You have a long way to go, but it is worth it. One thing that most of the trainees ask about is the LGV Cat C practical test. How can you be so sure that you qualify for your LGV Cat C training? Here are a handful of tips that can guide you through.

Brush up on your basis 

While driving an LGV, you need to remember a lot of things. You have to be more focused on remembering the most complicated things, but you should not neglect small things completely. Otherwise, you might fail the test because of your silly mistake. So while practising and revising for your practical test, make sure you don’t miss anything, whether the stuff is basic or complicated.

Get some rest 

To give your best in the practical test, you should be well-rested and well-nourished. As the day of your test comes around, be sure that you eat enough (mostly healthy), get proper sleep and exercise regularly. Sometimes just one good sleep might not give you the refreshment to perform all the practical test tasks efficiently. So it is better to sleep early as your test is around. This way, on the day of your practical test, you will be highly refreshed and ready to perform the practical test with complete efficiency.

Dress comfortably 

Just dress like you are going to give a practical test. You don’t need to show up in a suit and tie or anything fancy. During your LGV Cat C training, your trainer might have told you about the attire you need to wear during the test. Anyway, an LGV driver at work needs to be in comfortable clothes. It is what your examiner will expect you to come in. Your dress should make you feel comfortable, and should be distraction-free while you are taking the test. 

Ditch the Distractions 

If you want to pass your LGV test, you should devote all your concentration to it. It means you should not do anything that distracts you from your main goal. You should switch off your mobile and leave it behind. Keep your smartwatches and other gadgets away. These all can distract you.

Preparation is the Key.

If you thoroughly prepare for the test, your confidence will automatically boost, and you will feel much better. It means revising all the rules of the road, do not miss even the smallest part. Also, familiarize yourself with the test area so, you know what to do. 

Practice Your Drills 

The last thing is practice, practice and practice. As everyone says “practice makes a man perfect”. Practice will make you excel in your practical test. After your LGV Cat C training, you might be confident enough, but nothing hurts if you practice. You will be tested on accelerating, parking and reversing, so ensure that you practice all this plenty of times in all types of environments so that during the practical exam you are at your best.


You might feel sick before the practical, but when you practice according to these tips, there is no chance that you will fail. Be organized, keep everything in mind and practice more. Stay healthy and get regular sleep till the day of your test. Also, you can follow these tips if you have done car and trailer training and are going for its practical test.

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