How to become an HGV driver for free?


How to become an HGV driver for free? Is it possible? The answer to this is yes. If you want to become an HGV driver but are low on budget, why not opt for apprenticeships or vocational qualifications? These are the two best ways to get your training sponsored.
As you all know, the shortage of HGV drivers in the UK has reached its peak levels, and the salary of drivers have increased sharply. It has led to the revitalization of interest in HGV driving as a job opportunity. If you want to get qualified, it can be expensive.

Financial problems have always been an issue in qualifying for HGV driver training, but with the new schemes, you can now get your training for free. It is helping the government to fulfil its shortage also.

Apprenticeships- who can apply, and how much does it cost

Apprenticeships are a combination of practical training in a job with studies. You will find numerous apprenticeship options for HGV (Heavy goods vehicle) training in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.

If you do your apprenticeship in England, You can start driving professionally on the road before you qualify all your four parts of Driver CPC.

Who can apply?

  • Need to be a citizen of the UK to apply
  • Age-18+

Different apprenticeships can require divergent skills and qualifications. For instance, you might need a full car driving licence (category B).

The cost

There is no cost of the training as you will get a salary plus the additional charges depending on the course provider.

Vocational qualifications- who can apply and how much does it cost

You can only opt for Vocational qualification to become an HGV driver if you are a resident of England. You can get some help to pay for your HGV Driver training.

There are five vocational qualifications you can choose from:

  • Highfield Level 2 Certificate in Driving HGV
  • ProQual Level 2 Certificate in Driving HGV
  • Pearson Edexcel Level Certificate in Driving HGV
  • ICQ Level 2 Certificate in Driving HGV
  • SQA Level 2 Certificate in Driving HGV

You should take all four driver CPC (certificate of professional competence) tests to qualify for HGV licence. But if you choose any of the above vocational qualifications, you can start driving professionally before clearing all four parts of driver CPC.

Who can apply?

You will have to check with your course provider. You will have to check if you are eligible or not.

The cost

Different course providers charge fees accordingly. You will have to check with your course provider how much your course costs.

For all the courses that have started between 1st August 2021 and 31st July 2022, some course providers cover the following costs:

  • Cost of provisional licence. It also includes the charges for the medical exam. (If charged)
  • Giving each of the four driver CPC tests but only once. Re-sits will not be covered.

Ask your course provider what is additional to your course fee.

Get extra help with the fee.

The government of the UK can cover all the costs of your course if you are an adult earning less than £17, 374.50 per year or unemployed. Also, you might get help from the government if you earn over £17,374.50 per year and are employed. You will have to cross-check this with your course provider.

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