Complete Guide to preparing for Government Exams

The need for government positions in India increases annually. Several incentives are associated with these positions, which entice tens of thousands of young people to study tirelessly and diligently to pass any government exams. To pass government exams, you must do very well. The reasoning portion of government exams is one of several portions. If you want to pass the exam, you must work diligently on it. Nothing to worry about if you lack thinking ability. In this essay, we will discuss strategies for improving your performance on the reasoning portion of government exams.

Are you sacrificing sleep to pass the SSC CGL exams? Continue reading this article to learn how to achieve a high score on the reasoning portion. This portion is greatly feared by pupils. In reality, the majority of applicants for government jobs found reasoning to be difficult. The fact is that notion of reasoning demand profound comprehension. It is not something that can be simply memorized. However, you must have a solid comprehension of the subject and then be able to apply it when answering the questions. Therefore, cramming or mugging will not work here.

This post was created to assist you in passing the reasoning portion of government exams.

No need to answer every question

You now have a highly restricted amount of time for each inquiry. Therefore, you cannot linger on a single question for too long. If you find some questions to be too difficult, simply go on to the next one. Frequently, students waste 6-7 minutes on a single logical reasoning task. This holds true for issues including navigation, seats, etc. If they are unable to uncover the solution, this error might derail all of their aspirations. Please keep in mind that every single second is extremely important while you are offering any

competitive exam. Determine the number of valid tries before to the exam, then complete your paper accordingly.

Be careful of the course outline

The part on reasoning includes subjects such as directions, blood ties, seating arrangements, etc. Record the whole course outline in your register, and then choose how much time you will dedicate to each topic. Now, this selection must be made after evaluating the relative importance of the themes. For example, inequality and assertion both have a weight of 4-5 points. Additionally, you must determine which topics you find the most challenging. Then invest more attention to the preparation of these subjects.

Examine past year’s exams

Accessing prior year’s question papers and reviewing the reasoning questions is an essential step. You may also examine the pattern of questions and whether inquiries on particular themes are commonly repeated. If yes, then hone your skills in those areas. You can find these papers on the Internet or in books. Also, thoroughly study your errors and attempt to correct them. Check to see whether there is a subject in which you consistently score poorly. Now invest additional attention to these topics so you can grasp them thoroughly before your exam.

Don’t cram the ideas

Some pupils frequently cram reasoning topics. However, they fail to realise that the questions might be asked in a variety of ways, not necessarily the manner in which they have prepared. You must memorise the concepts in order to thrive in reasoning. You will only be able to answer the questions if you have mastered all of the principles. Moreover, cramming only results in short-term retention of information. You will quickly forget everything. While preparing for the reasoning component of any competitive exams, cramming is a strict no.

Continue practising

Well, the recipe for success has always been constant practise. You must repeatedly practise the principles until you have mastered them. Don’t be afraid of failing. They should inspire you to perform even more effectively. Therefore, you may be having difficulty comprehending certain topics. No matter how hard you try, you cannot move on from that subject. Now dont worry much. You may repeatedly utilise Google or YouTube to view videos on this topic. You have access to an abundance of online resources. Utilize this to clarify your thinking. Do you intend to take the SSC CHSL exams? We advise you to enroll in the top SSC CHSL coaching in Chandigarh.

Time management

You must effectively manage your time while preparing for the reasoning portion. As previously stated, time is crucial while answering reasoning problems. You may know the answers to all of the questions, but if you are unable to answer them on time, your knowledge is useless. Therefore, it is essential to focus on time management. Attempt to employ mathematical techniques. Calculations are necessary for many reasoning topics, but you shouldn’t spend too much time on them. Calculations performed rapidly can facilitate the solution of issues.

In addition, there are several more brief recommendations for solving reasoning issues. Before you sit for your exams, you must familiarise yourself with all of these recommendations.


Without a doubt, the reasoning portion is challenging and requires significant preparation. This portion will undoubtedly be easier to comprehend with a modest amount of determination and effort. Using the strategies mentioned above will also make it easier for you to pass the reasoning component of government exams.

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