There are several types of lube cube available on the market. These include Compound X, Cubelelo Calm, and GAN Standard. All have been tested and shown to produce good results. However, there are some things you should know before buying a lube cube.

Sliquid Lube Cubes

Sliquid Lube Cubes are a convenient way to sample a variety of lubricants without having to purchase a large container. Each lube cube contains twelve individually packaged 5ml pillow packs. These containers are great for traveling or anytime you’re on the go and want to try out a different lube.

Compound X

Compound X is a water-based lube from the Angstrom line. Its composition allows it to last longer than silicone rubber and doesn’t leave a gummy feel. You can also wipe it off with a damp cloth. The compound is safe to touch and does not contain any harmful chemicals. However, it should not be used near heat sources or fire.

Some cubers have found that petroleum lubricants make their cubes harder to turn. If your cubes are extremely stiff, try using vaseline to lubricate them. This will help smooth the turns. However, you should wipe off the lubricant after about 30 minutes.

Cubelelo Calm Lube

Cubelelo Calm Lube is an excellent lubricant. It has a viscosity of 5, making it suitable for core pieces, while also being lightweight. It improves speed and smoothness, while adding a stable feel to the cube. However, it should only be used on core pieces. For the other cube parts, it’s best to use Cubelelo Hurricane Lube.

The lube is available in two types. The first one is for the standard cube and the other one is for the ultra-lightweight cube. The lubes in the cubes are made from silicone. Silicone is used to give the product its high viscosity. The silicon base also offers grip strength. This helps avoid handling accidents.

GAN Standard Lube

GAN’s Standard Lube is a low viscosity lubricant. It is designed to reduce friction between the pieces of the cube, improving speed and control. This lubricant is also durable, with less wear and tear on the pieces. It has a premium feel and is ideal for cubes of any size or type.

It is made with the Numerical IPG Core and Numerical Precise Nuts, and features 2 tap positions. It is easily tuneable by hand without a tool. Its corner contact points are designed with honeycomb patterns for a smoother feel. It is easy to use, with no creaking or squeaking.

Maru Lube is a water-based lube, unlike most other cube lubes. You only need a few drops per side, and the cube will be smooth and speedy. The lube won’t overlube the cube; it stays on the screws and core instead of all over.

Cubelelo’s Standard Lube

There are a few different types of Cubelelo lubes available. Each is designed for different purposes, and each has unique benefits. For example, if you’re looking for lubrication that’s both safe and effective, we recommend Cubelelo’s Calm Lube. This lube is the thinnest of the standard lube series, and it stays on the cube pieces for a longer period of time. Generally, you’ll use this lube if you’re looking for a smooth, consistent cube feeling.

While the Cubelelo Standard Lube is ideal for everyday cubing, there are some cubes that respond better to a more slippery lube. A silicone lube, such as Nebula, will make your cube slide more smoothly. This lube is also great for beginners.

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