best spa in maunt abu rajasthan

An oasis that has a serene environment and an aura of the natural beauty, Mount Abu Rahat is located in the heart of Rajasthan, India. It is famous for its scenic views of the surrounding environment. Some say that it was built by Lord Brahma after Goddess Lakshmi, but she had offered no resistance to her husband Surya Narayan. To this day, the mountain’s glory remains mysterious. This place is blessed with several spas and hot tubs. The spa treatments in this town have evolved into a tradition. The massage parlour, wellness centre, etc are some of those spas that provide excellent services at affordable prices.

The Ayurvedic medical treatment is popular among people in western countries as well as India due to its effectiveness. So we can expect the same from here. There are many different types of ayurvedic massage treatment available in Mount Abu. From facial massage to body Massage, there are multiple offerings on offer. Most of these places also have their own Ayurvedic doctor. However, if you’re looking for something more exotic, then one of the most sought-after spas in Mount Abu is The Bhagwati resort. If you’re in Maunt Abu Rajasthan or want to visit them then please read this post first.

Maunt Abu Rajasthan Bhagwati resort:

Bhagwati spa offers numerous facilities such as hair salon, manicure clinic, pedicures, skin care treatments and much more. They also have a restaurant facility where you order breakfast and dinner. You will also find an indoor pool for the family or loved ones, besides an outdoor swimming pool for your pampering. For couples looking for romance during love hour, they have separate bathrooms, in which two women might have a glass of wine while enjoying the night.

Bhagwati resort Maunt abu:

Bhagwati resort Spa is very easy to reach as it is located within the hotel compound situated across the road from Mount Abu. Though the location is small, yet the experience is worth it. Due to the distance from the city, you get a close view of the surrounding landscape, making it a tranquil holiday. Another advantage is being the only best spa in Maunt Abu that is open for families. On the other hand, there are only five spa rooms available for booking. Moreover, the service is good and convenient. One has to book only three days for booking your trip to Bhagwati resort.

Bhagwati resort spa tour has a plethora of facilities like hair salons, nail care, massages, etc. All these services are provided at moderate charges which makes it an excellent choice for traveling to Maunt Abu . You can also make reservations for any special event as well as private consultations. Furthermore, their team of physiotherapists has done a deep research about the local population so that they provide high-end services along with the affordability of it. They also take all your health-related complaints and advice seriously. Apart from that, their professional therapists help you solve all your queries about the treatments without much hassle. They also give instant feedback to tell you whether the treatment is doing justice or not.


Are you looking for a perfect place to spend your vacations? You just need to visit Bhagawti resort in Maunt abu Rajasthan. It has a combination of natural beauty and luxury.It has all the modern amenities. It has a very hospitable accommodation.Its rooms are very spacious. It has a very good restaurant. Its designs are very attractive. It is an outstanding resort in India. It has a very good location. It is surrounded by greenery.This resort will give you a lifetime experience.

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The Bhagawathi Resort is a beautiful resort in maunt abu, Rajasthan. It’s a five star resort that offers a wide range of facilities in and around the hotel, which makes it a perfect choice for people who are looking for a relaxing time away from their busy lives. Some of the facilities and services that this resort offers include a spa, a swimming pool, a fitness centre and many more.

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