What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitmap Images?

If you are wondering whether you should use Bitmap images or not then you have landed in the right place. In this post we are going to tell you all about the advantages and the disadvantages of the bitmap image format. There are different pros and cons of different image formats and so it is important that you know about these so that you can make the best choice for you. If you have an image in the bitmap format then we would suggest you to read on this post so that you know whether you should keep it or convert the image.Pros and cons of the bitmap image format!In this section we have discussed the both the advantages and disadvantages of the bitmap images. Let us first discuss the pros:Advantages of using bitmap images Out of many we have listed a few benefits of using the bitmap images:Bitmap images are simple to editThe first pro of bitmap images is that they can be edited. The bitmap images are made up of pixel blocks which is why they can be edited without much hassle. You can easily maintain, edit and even convert the bitmap images into vector graphics. Not only that but you would be shocked to know that bitmap images can easily be compressed into a smaller size. Before compressing a bitmap image you have to make sure that you check the pixel blocks of the file. Complex graphics can get ruined in the shrinking process.Bitmap image animations work wellHere you should know that bitmap images are also used for creating animated visual content. Now there are a few other image formats like gifs that can be used for animations but you must know that the new image formats don’t work well on every device. You can see problem with GIF being opened and played on old devices. This is not the problem you are going to face with Bitmap images as they can work perfectly fine on all sorts of devices. The reason that bitmap animations work fine is because gave fewer colors on them. This reduces the processing time that is required to play animations. You can view bitmap images without any buffer or lag. Bitmap can be compressed into smaller filesThe best thing about bitmaps is that they can be scaled down into smaller files. You don’t have to worry about the bitmap image files losing their quality because of being scaled because the quality of the image is not compromised. When you are scaling a bitmap images you are simply cutting down its size! If you have an image in PDF that is in large size then you need to http://convert PDF to bitmap and use the compression method. In addition to compression you can also save significant amount of data in the pixels.Disadvantages of using Bitmap ImagesJust like every other image format you must know that there are some cons of the bitmap format as well. Here we have mentioned a few of them for your knowledge:Bitmap images have a lesser display qualityA very prominent disadvantage of using bitmap images is that they are of low quality as compared to other image formats. The bitmap images are limited to having 256 colors per image which is the color depth are not of good quality. There is no room for gradients and additional effects on the graphic which makes it view meager. The color depth problem can be resolved if you create and store more images on your system.Bitmap images are harder to scaleHere you should know that if you want to scale bitmap images then you can face a lot of trouble. The scaling process results in losing of quality because when you scale a bitmap you are actually breaking the pixel blocks. This results in bad quality of the overall image. This problem would be faced even if you have high resolution bitmap image. Bitmap images are not good for carrying textAnother big con of using bitmap images is that they are not good for carrying textual data. This is just because the number of colors is limited on this format plus there is a huge lack in the scalability procedure. If you need an image that has logo, numbers, symbols or even text on it then we would suggest you to convert bitmap to another format like PDF or you can also choose vector graphic formats.End wordsThese are the top pros and cons of using the bitmap images. Bitmap format is not new rather it is being used since the past many years. We would suggest you to only use this format when you are required to do so for the project.

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