Don’t want surgery? – Here are some postures of Yoga to increase breast size in Hindi


Everyone feels that there is extra butter on others’ plates. This is human nature. The same is with women and their breast size. Women with bigger breasts want them smaller, and others with smaller breasts want theirs to be bigger. Also, sometimes, the size of breasts affects the confidence in women. Many of them believe that having bigger breasts will enhance their beauty, and for the same, they undergo a lot of cosmetic surgeries and other treatments.

However, it is seen that most such treatments have higher risk and cost than effectiveness. Thankfully some massages and exercises can help a lot, and no cost is involved in it. Here are a few postures of yoga to increase breast size in Hindi and that too naturally.

Cow pose or Gowmukhasana

It is an upper body asana and helps in increasing the breast size as it stretches the complete upper body.

The pose: You need to sit down in a lotus position. Now you need to lift your right hand to your shoulder level and put your palm on your back. Then you need to bring your left hand down to your back and try to touch your right palm. Keep the position intact for some time, and then return to the lotus position. Repeat the pose twice for better results.

Cobra pose or Bhujangasana

This asana will not only increase your breast size but will also strengthen the muscles of your chest.

The pose: Take a yoga mat and lie down for this pose. You need to lie on your stomach. Keep your palms on the floor near your shoulder. Now you have to raise your upper body (till your belly end) by pressing the hand on the floor. Then you need to lift up your body. You have to look up while you pose. Now slowly you have to relax and get back to your original pose. Continue it five times to see the result.

Camel pose or Ustrasana

Camel pose is one of the simplest asanas in yoga. It will stretch the muscles of your breasts to an extent which will help in the enlargement of your breasts.

The pose: You have to stand on your knees for the pose. Keep your hand on your waist and back backwards. You need to try and hold your ankles to give a good stretch. Keep yourself in the position for some time, and then you can relax.

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This pose will stretch your muscles and it is one of the best yoga asanas to enhance your bust line naturally.

The pose: You need to stand straight with your knees and shoulder length apart. Raise both your hands to your shoulder level and bring them in front of you. Spread your fingers and make your wrist face upwards. Now you need to imagine that you are pushing your hands against a heavy object. Use the strength of your chest and arms to do so. Repeat it for a few times for better results.


These are a few poses of yoga to increase breast size in Hindi. They are quite effective, and women practice them every day for the best results. These postures not only increase your breast size but also strengthen your core.

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