Business Communication- A Must Have Communication Skill

Business communication needs to be precise. Information can be both given and received in different ways but it needs to be very effective. It can also involve sharing and discussing news. The information can be related to meetings, giving feedback, or any correction, and, if not carried out properly, it might lead to confusion.

In any leadership position, good communication skills are a must. It is not just restricted to verbal or written; non-verbal and body language also has a significant role to play.

 Every discussion or meeting in an organisation starts with communication; It might involve critical thinking and new technologies.

There are two types of communication in a company- internal and external.

Internal business communication

Internal business communication involves upward communication, which requires communication from a subordinate to a manager. It can also be from another person up the company ladder.

Downward communication and Managerial communication refers to anything initiated by a superior to a subordinate.

Lateral communication or Technical communication happens between internal or cross-departmental communication between coworkers.

External business communication

External business communication is any message to the office and internal staff. It can be through customers, vendors, or anything related to the brand. External communication must be practical and essential for everyone. It is teams, employees, managers, and executives.

 Checklist for business communication:

  • Have the right processes and tools
  • An uninterrupted flow of information
  • Transparency in communication
  • Must meet the communication goals and objectives
  • Resolve deeper problems, if any
  • Bring more productivity and clarity
  • Create space for thinking and ideas
  • Reduce distraction and bring clarity
  • Reach out generously to all the employees and consumers
  • Improved engagement and employee turnover

Non-verbal communication in business

Non-verbal communication is as essential as verbal communication. The facial expressions in a meeting or the tone in an email. How one communicates through email, task boards or chats and face-to-face meetings.

How to have the Business Communication Process?

An ideal business communication process leads to happy employees and customers. This, in turn, is related to financial stability.

Some companies must ensure they do not share irrelevant information, exclusion, dishonesty, lack of access to crucial information etc. According to a survey, most of the employees mentioned that most of workplace failures were due to inefficient communication.

Business communication has a great impact on employee productivity, engagement along with advocacy.

  • Audit business communication and then set goals

A business communication plan must always be in place. Keep a check on the areas which need the maximum improvement: employee satisfaction rate, fast growth, lack of information and transparency.

One must identify and set goals for your business communication process, the number of interactions between departments, employee satisfaction etc.

  • Identify main groups and their relationships.

Start by looking into the structure of the organisation and related groups involved. Keep a check on every group and the information they require information to function.   The communication can be between human resources, sales, customer support, finance or between professionals in teams, leaders, managers etc. It can also be between customers, suppliers and partners.

Consider the ongoing work and the results expected of them. Next is to plan out the way further communication is required. Take time to find key parameters, like which people have to talk to daily. What is the ongoing crisis? What is the reporting pattern?

What are the different methods of communication in a business?

Choosing the proper method of communication in sync with your business communication goals is essential, like the interactions between core groups in your company. Web-based communication, telephonic meetings, video conferencing, reporting, presentations, surveys and customer management activities are some of the methods involved in touch.

 Make a note of the essential ones for your organization’s goals. Keep track of options that might have resistance to adoption. Also, trace the risky ones keeping in mind the realistic goals. It is expected that a large company will choose all the best modes of communication and have dedicated teams. 

Business communication is also taught in high school, and students might seek business management assignment helpwhen asked to do homework.

Opting for the right tools

It is for the company to choose a software which suits them. Cloud storage preserves essential documents and other data. There are automatic sync and backup option to avoid human error. A single platform for emails and chats must be used to make communication frictionless.

Digital tools are growing unlimitedly, and students and professionals opt for them. In addition, there are many websites that support students when it comes to business law assignment helpand provides a concrete outlook on any topic.

How to avail a Business Communication Channels?

Business communication is either verbal or written and can be in-person or remotely. It can be critical or not, depending on the form of communication.

Written communication is effective in keeping a trail of strategies and decisions. Verbal interactions lead to idea generation and a flow of thoughts.

Web-based communication-

It is an everyday communication channel through emails, instant messaging applications, etc. Emails lead to private conversations in an office environment and can be shared with many people.

Telephone meetings

It helps in removing location barriers and offers fast-moving meetings. It leads to a better idea as compared to written communication. It helps a lot with onboarding and overall team collaboration.

Video conferencing

People at remote locations can run meetings and help them close to in-person meetings whenever possible.

Face-to-face meetings

It helps businesses move forward after gaining ideas quickly, and as per research, it shows they bring more ideas than virtual meetings.


Reporting involves documenting activities which might impact the company and its people. A well-written document reduces the chance of confusion and brings in a lot of clarity.

Proper Business Communication leads to immense success

Poor communication increases the risk factor in any organization. On the other hand, good communication brings a lot of opportunities for employees and increases customer engagement. It leads to significant outputs and growth too.

Some dos and don’ts of business communication

Those with a business communication system or willing to establish one must keep the below points in check.

  • Revisit communication goals after setting them. Also, check the current state of communication.
  •  Identify the key players involved in communication
  •  Check and analyse how they wish to communicate
  • Identify new methods and maintain a smooth information flow
  • Choose the most appropriate tools and platforms

 The best way to improve business communication is to be ready to invest in tools. Try using a single platform so that one need not shuffle much around. Business communication is meant to be simple and effective.

 A good business communication strategy will help a company deliver as expected. It must understand the need of the hour, and the strategy must be put accordingly.

 Concrete business communication will help employees be more responsible and proactive. After having clarity, they will get to know the difference between what should be done and what should not.

Business communication is essential for a successful company to sustain itself in the long run.

Companies are getting more responsive than ever and how they access information.

 Read the above blog and set up your impactful strategies for business communication. Then, it is time to be ahead in the business league and leave others behind.

Author Bio: Ellie Walburg is an educator at Cornerstone University and supports students with business law assignment help. She is also a part of and keeps mentoring students. Ellie has done master in Economics from the London School of Economics. Ellie likes to bake and swim in her free time.

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