Linux Reseller Hosting vs Linux Shared Hosting: Which One Should You Choose for Your Enterprise?

Website hosting services fundamentally become the plot of the online hosting industry on which your website sits on. While hiring the hosting companies you will notice the difference in the types of hosting plans. Some of them will cater to the needs of all varying types of business. Depending on the business type, model, and size, you will choose a hosting provider which is based on the facts that we will explain below by considering the difference between Linux Shared hosting and Linux Reseller Hosting

How to Choose Between Linux Reseller Hosting & Linux Shared Hosting?

Before you set on the website hosting provider, you choose the web hosting company that you need to use for your service promotions and its marketing. If you have just opened, you have two types of options to choose the hosting companies for your website; Shared Linux Hosting and reseller linux hosting.

What Is Linux Reseller Hosting?

Linux Reseller hosting is best for web designing and developing companies that need to host their multiple website accounts. Linux Reseller Hosting can be best on their price as most Linux Reseller companies offer some starter plans in the range of just $20. You can define these hosting services as cheap Linux reseller hosting. In reseller hosting, you wouldn’t need specific server maintenance as Linux reseller hosting india will provide you end-user support. Linux cPanel offers you the automated transfer features for resellers to have root access to the server. Hence, Linux Reseller Hosting is similar to Linux shared hosting but the major difference is to have a dashboard to control multiple single website accounts. It means, with a single reseller account, you can build multiple Linux Shared hosting plans and can use them for your single dashboard (WHM) to operate them. In addition to using Linux reseller hosting plans for your multiple websites, your company utilizes Linux reseller hosting plans from your parent provider to resell them to your own clients.

Linux Shared vs. Linux Reseller Hosting – Who Uses Each

The best Linux Shared hosting is ideal for businessmen who simply require online support for their websites. In shared hosting, you will get the resources with the focus of your website design, domain management, and email setup. On other hand, the best Linux reseller hosting is best for the web developers, freelance developers, and others who want to get websites hosted by their multiple clients, the small startup users, and small entrepreneurs who have just launched their products and services. It is also great for the entrepreneurs who want to get their next business venture host on multiple networks. 

Once you have a deal to select the proper bandwidth and other server resources from the Linux Reseller host, you can relocate them to your own clients and the website’s owners as you see fit. In reseller hosting, you will get great control over the Linux Server settings and the domains. You will get the add-on benefits of the billing software since you have been essentially running your specific hosting services by reselling them to your own clients.

Linux Shared vs. Linux Reseller Hosting – cPanel / WHM Control

Both Linux shared and Reseller hosting services provide the sort of management panels. Characteristically, end-users get the Linux cPanel hosting as well as shared and reseller hosting, which gets beneficiated of the WHM control. In Linux shared hosting, linux cpanel hosting gives you access to manage all your domains, FTP, email accounts, user/keys, backups, and database management to download applications and install them on other software like WordPress or Magento.

In Linux reseller hosting, users get an upgraded version of cPanel which is cPanel & Web Host Manager. It functionalizes your billing and hosting management for a creative business solution. Here, you are free to change, create, and manage your reseller accounts without admin permission. You can also set up the server alert systems, assign the custom features to update and degrade specific hosting accounts.

Linux Shared vs. Linux Reseller Hosting – Number of Sites

For the most part, Linux Shared hosting india hosts the user’s websites on basic plans. It allows you to host your unlimited websites on a single host account. Many Linux providers will allow it but with a premium cost, some of them limit your website as per the hosting account. The unlimited linux reseller hosting gives you the add-on features which streamline the complete management complexities while hosting multiple websites. Here you can notice, the domain names are more identified and name servers allow you to use them to navigate your web channels. An unlimited linux reseller hosting will give you greater control options over your domain so that your clients use the domain names to be associated with the main domain by simplifying the overall management.

Linux Shared vs. Linux Reseller Hosting – Performance / Security

Linux Shared Hosting comes with central risk & reward as you are sharing the server resources with other websites including storage and bandwidth. The responsibility of all the servers gets affected by several sites and your website becomes compromised. It is being said, cheap linux reseller hosting india always means the number of storage and bandwidth options to be dispersed between the huge list of clients.

Conversely, Linux Reseller hosting means an infinite number of resources, storage, and bandwidth to be circulated with various other clients. Reseller hosting provides enough performance for the site owners to host multiple websites of other users as well that you probably do in a better way with Reseller hosting plans.

Linux Shared vs. Linux Reseller Hosting: Price

It comes with no surprise that added server control, resources, and business opportunities come under cheap Linux reseller hosting with the price up or two times double from the cheap Linux Reseller hosting. You can have shared hosting for just $2 or $3 per month which is an impressively affordable cost given the number of features and resources that you can use for your website.

Reseller hosting comes under the power to manage all your websites including your client’s website with an upgraded server. Hence, it is understandably expensive. It starts from $12 & $20 per month. But don’t forget that it gives you monthly profits by reselling your hosting services to others. 

Is Linux Shared or Linux Reseller Hosting the BEST Call for Your Business?

As while you purchase any other type of host, your decision of signing up for the Linux Shared or Linux Reseller hosting depends entirely on your intentions to use it and how many control features you need.

If it’s just your website, your small business, then Linux shared hosting comes more than sufficient. If you are planning to run multiple websites or multiple businesses, Linux reseller hosting is a route to explore. Whatever you choose, it’s laden with the growth of your business and the revenue generating opportunities.

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