Tips from the Best School in UAE to Increase Attention Span of Students

best school in UAE

Even when a youngster actively seeks to pay attention, it is difficult to maintain their focus. You may find it difficult to hold a child’s attention if the job they’re supposed to be focusing on is boring or difficult for them.

Children, according to child development specialists, should be able to focus on a single activity for 2-5 minutes, multiplied by the kid’s age. A 6-year-old, on average, should be able to concentrate on a single activity for 30 minutes at a time.

Parents or teachers of children who often lose their concentration in class or when confronted with a difficult assignment might use the following advice and tactics to help them concentrate better. With the increasing focus and expectations schools have, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for kids to perform well. Here are some tips from the best school in UAE to increase the attention span of students.

Tips to increase your child’s attention span as advised by the best schools in UAE

1. Be imaginative and give youngsters a reason to be attentive

Rather than dreary duties like writing names on a sheet of paper or filling out a workbook, KG 2 English faculty encourages you to think beyond the box. Consider using Legos or Play-Doh to write your child’s name. Encourage them to create their letters using pictures or newspaper cutting.

2. Activity-Based Learning

Active play breaks are essential for children, particularly those who have difficulty staying focused. Include playtime, whether indoors or outside, jumping jacks, or short stretching sessions to help children focus and pay attention in the classroom.

More than an hour in the same position may cause children to erupt, as well as diminish their capacity to concentrate. An “active play” period of 10 to 15 minutes before a tough chore or learning session can help any youngster remain interested.

3. Engage in attentive conduct

Your kid needs to learn how to concentrate for a short period, so you may use a timer like an electronic stopwatch or hourglass to help them practise. Afterwards, ask them whether they were able to fully focus in the classes of the Best School in UAE.

4. Modify the task

Understanding that children’s attention spans grow at various speeds is also crucial. Adjusting an assignment for kids with low attention spans is very important. 

You may need to break down a task in portions according to the attention span of your kid. After that allow them a short break before focusing on the next portion of the task. Dividing the tasks allow youngsters who are having difficulty paying attention to relax and then re-engage in the work in a revived and rejuvenated state.

5. Get rid of the Distractions

There must be an equilibrium between what enhances a student’s learning experience and what keeps them from being able to concentrate long enough to do their best work. KG 2 English medium schools believe that a conducive atmosphere is necessary for effective learning.

Designing student-friendly spaces may transform dreary, monotonous spaces. However, what began as a learning-friendly atmosphere might become a distraction if carried too far. When creating a fun learning area, don’t overdo it.

Students spend a lot of time after school on homework, projects, and studying. A distraction-free atmosphere and regularity are essential for at-home learning. While studying, switch off the TV. One youngster with schoolwork can’t concentrate while their sibling is enjoying their favourite TV show in the next room.

6. Learning Techniques infused with fun Games

Your kid who has trouble concentrating on maths for more than a minute will have no trouble concentrating for 15 minutes on a game they like. Try to make a chore fun when feasible and suitable.

The Best School in UAE typically organises small maths groups. Every group in class competes. Each kid gets a maths problem. While each student is accountable for their given issue, their group may help. The group that finishes first, gets a reward. 

7. Break Down the Tasks if Necessary

Children, particularly those with short attention spans, may rapidly get overwhelmed by complex chores. Breaking a job into tiny pieces might help your kid or pupils focus long enough to study and grow academically. It’s common knowledge that students who have difficulty paying attention work better when activities are split down into smaller chunks.


Being a Parent of a kid attending KG 2 English medium school you can see that keeping a nursery kid concentrated on their studies is not an easy task. To keep them interested in academics you need to show a keen interest in knowledge too. 

Follow the above tips for starters and improvise according to what suits your kid best. Keep any distractions off the table and don’t forget to have fun with those little bundles of joy. Do your best and keep connected with the Best School in UAE to know about your kids’ strengths and weaknesses better.

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