Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses: The Ultimate Guide

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You probably have an idea of what you’ll want your girls to wear if you’ve decided to be married. Even people who are single can harbor fantasies! It takes a lot of work to decide what your bridesmaids should wear on the big day. You might have a variety of sizes represented on your entourage because women come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Or perhaps you were told to join “Team Bride” and given the freedom to make your own decision. If so, you might need assistance selecting a plus-size bridesmaid dress.

Whatever the case, Birdy Grey is here to assist! Women of all shapes and sizes were taken into consideration when we were constructing our assortment of bridesmaid dresses. With a size range of 00–32 and flattering silhouettes, our collection is made to be accessible to all. For important advice on selecting plus-size bridesmaid gowns, continue reading. Learn a few of our top popular styles as well!

Some Advice for Plus-Size Bridesmaids

A bridesmaid dress is made to accentuate particular body types. None of the above. Regarding plus-size bridesmaid styles of dress, you should be aware of the following factors.

Select an Attractive Silhouette

The preferred dress for plus-size bridesmaids is an A-line dress. This shape is comfy and flattering for all body types. Avoid wearing a-line dresses with extra volume or frills, though. A-line dresses may lend extra volume to a plus-size bridesmaid’s shape because they are already flowy.

Choose V-Neck Bridesmaid Dresses

Although there are more possibilities for necklines, the traditional V-neckline is our recommendation. It is feminine or may really reduce the size of your bust. For many plus-sized brides who might have a huge bust, this is a benefit.

Avoid Flashy Patterns

Plus-size bridesmaids are advised to stay away from dresses with designs. People tend to appear larger in patterns, particularly stripes and dots. Choose a solid color instead. Additionally, solid-color bridesmaid gowns are really fashionable right now. They tend to be more flattering.

Pay Attention to the Fabrics of Bridesmaid Dresses

The only general guideline when it comes to fabric: stay away from anything that clings. Particularly when you’re attempting to dance and move around, wearing clothing that is too tight can be quite uncomfortable and constricting. We advise picking lace or chiffon because they both delightfully flow over your curves.

Famous Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress Styles

Check out some of the famous plus-size bridesmaid gowns, which range from lovely hues to specific trends and styles.

Long Bridesmaid Dresses in Plus Size

Consider the possibility of the dress’s length. When it comes to the length of the dress for plus-size bridesmaids, there is no right or wrong answer. The bridesmaid may prefer to lengthen the body including a floor-length dress if she feels more at ease doing so. Long dresses are particularly fashionable at the moment since they give off a soft, romantic, and formal vibe. Gowns that are shorter tend to look more informal.

Cameron wears a bridesmaid dress with flower embroidery. It has a flowing a-line skirt, keyhole illusion back, & spaghetti straps. For those looking for a lengthy plus-size bridesmaid dress, it is a stylish option.

With Sleeves, Plus-Size Bridesmaid Dress

The first advantage of a bridesmaid dress having sleeves is that it provides support. This is particularly crucial for bridesmaids with huge busts. The aesthetic of the garment may also be influenced by the sleeve style. For instance, broad straps are quite classy and ruffles are more romantic.

Allison has a charming off-the-shoulder design with its sleeves. Double layer ruffle bodice & appealing a-line skirt go well with the sleeves. This outfit suits every body type and is the ideal choice for a party with a variety of body types!

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses in Plus Size

Most favorite bridesmaid dress color is burgundy, and with good reason! All year long, this magnificent deep red color is stunning. Additionally, it enhances everyone’s skin tone.

A more conventional design is Bailey. It has a waistline accent, a matching keyhole opening on the front and back, and thin shoulder straps. Burgundy gives it a very lovely appearance.

If burgundy isn’t your favorite color, check out some of our other top choices! Olive green, blue, rust, and sage are colors you could want to use in your wedding color scheme. The bridal party will look absolutely stunning in these lovely hues.

How to Pick Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

It can be difficult to choose from so many bridesmaid dresses! There are many options for silhouettes, colors, and fabrics. Naturally, you want to please everyone. To get you started, consider the following advice on selecting plus-size bridesmaid dresses.

Request Advice From your Bridesmaids

Even though you already know what you like and desire, think about getting the females’ opinions as well. This will help you get a sense of what people prefer and stay away from. For instance, plus-size ladies typically choose to steer clear of outfits with little breast support or tight-fitting dresses.

Find Your Bridesmaid Designers

Before you go shopping, complete this task! Plus-size bridesmaid dresses aren’t offered by all designers. Make sure everyone has the chance to put on a gown by doing your research. By doing this, you’ll be able to prevent some of your bridesmaids from feeling excluded or uncomfortable. Use our Birdy Grey coupon codes

Mix and Match Styles of Bridesmaid Dresses

There’s a reason why mismatched bridesmaid outfits are so popular right now. Everyone may feel and look their finest by selecting the gown of their choice. Simply establish some guidelines on colors, styles, patterns, and so forth. No one will be forced into a dress they detest thanks to this choice!

Best Dresses for Plus-Size Bridesmaids

You & your bridesmaids will adore the chic plus-size dresses we’ve handpicked for you. Continue reading to learn about dresses that suit ladies of all sizes.

Plus Size Athena Bridesmaid Dress

Athena is a timeless option and one of our popular bridesmaid dress designs. This dress has an A-line skirt, a ruched bodice, and one shoulder.

Plus Size Iris Bridesmaid Dress

Iris has lovely sheer straps with flower embroidery and a special racerback. Additionally, it has a flowing skirt with hidden pockets and a waistline that is accentuated.

Plus Size Jade Bridesmaid Dress

Jade is a stunning bridesmaid dress with embroidery. It has a split in the skirt, heavy straps, and a scoop neckline.

Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses with Sequins

Bridesmaid gowns with sequins are incredibly trendy! This line has a hint of vintage Hollywood glitz. For a chic, contemporary style, think about plus-size sequin bridesmaid gowns. An effortless approach to creating a mismatched bridesmaid lineup is to add one or two sequin dresses to the mix.

Sequin Jamie Bridesmaid Dress in Plus Size

Jamie is an elegant dress that is ideal for a formal occasion. It includes a similar back and a scoop neckline. It is worn with short sleeves & an a-line skirt that flows.

Bridesmaid Dress with Sequins in Destiny Plus Size

Destiny has a lively and attractive bodice with a contemporary style. It has thick straps that cross in the back and a v-neckline.

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