Know what muscle spasms are and how to cure them?


Muscle spasms, also known as muscle cramps are excruciating contractions and tapering off your muscles. They are very common, unpredictable, and involuntary. Though there are numerous ways you can follow to prevent muscle spasms and cure them whenever it attacks, these methods cannot be considered a reliable source. Stretching, massage and muscle relaxants like carisoprodol 500mg can help.

What are muscle spasms or muscle cramps?

Muscle spasms are commonly known as muscle cramps. These occur when your muscle forcibly and involuntarily contracts uncontrollably and is not able to relax. The problem is very common, and it can affect any muscle in your body. It can involve all of the muscles or a part of it or several muscles in a group. These muscle spasms occur mostly on these body parts

  • Thighs
  • Feet
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Calves
  • Abdomen

When these cramps occur especially in the claves area, it is known as Charley horses. You sometimes might have suffered leg cramps when you are at sleep or resting at night. Those cramps are called Nocturnal leg cramps.

What do muscle spasms or muscle cramps feel like?

Muscle cramps (muscle spasms) can range in intensity from mild, painful twitches to momentous discomfort to extremely severe pain. The spastic muscles might seem distorted or can feel harder than normal to touch and visibly see. These cramps can last from seconds to fifteen minutes, or they can be longer. There are chances of reoccurrence of the spasms before the pain goes away.

How to stop a muscle spasm (muscle cramp)?

Though you can consume pills like carisoprodol 500mg or soma 500mg for relaxation it is better to try some physical therapy beforehand. The best thing you can do is stretch the affected area and the muscle or massage it. If you have a cramp in the leg, you should get up and go for a walk immediately. Also, if you want to, you can apply ice or a heat bag. The best would be to take a warm bath.

Did you know- muscle spans can be sometimes prevented before it occurs?

Who can get a muscle spasm?

Muscle spasms (muscle cramps) can occur to anyone at any time. Whether you are young, active, sedentary, or old, you can develop a muscle spasm. It can happen when you go for a walk or when you are sleeping, or even when you perform some exercise. Some people are prone to such muscle cramps and get them frequently with any physical exertion.

What causes these muscle cramps (muscle spasms)?

It is Idiopathic- meaning that the exact cause is unknown, and the same is with muscle cramps. Some professionals and experts believe that one of these can be the causes of muscle cramps in most cases:

  • Not enough stretching
  • Exercising in heat
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Reduction of electrolytes (minerals and salts like magnesium, potassium, and calcium in the body)
  • Dehydration
  • Involuntary nerve discharges
  • Restriction in the blood supply
  • Stress
  • High-intensity exercise for long hours

The possible causes of leg cramps, also known as nocturnal leg cramps are mentioned below. (Leg cramps at night)

  • Overusing the muscles
  • Sitting for long hours in one place
  • Working or standing on concrete floors
  • Sitting improperly

Some symptoms of muscle cramps (muscle spasms)

Muscle cramps (muscle spasms) can be unbearably painful and can feel like you have got a stitch on the side. Before the spasm, you will be able to see a twitch under your skin, and it will be hard to touch. Cramps are involuntary. The muscles contract, and it can take time for them to relax. Sometimes you might need to consume carisoprodol 500mg. It is very common in athletes and older adults.

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