Know all about Driver CPC part 3B test in HGV driver training


Driver CPC Part 3B Test: on-road driving

If you are searching for this test, it means that you have passed the Driver (CPC) Certificate of professional competence part 1 theory test. If not, then you should know that you cannot book the Part 3B test for your HGV licence until you pass the part 1 theory test.

Your test can be booked online

Also before you book your test, you need to pass the Driver CPC part 3A test: off-road exercises.

Once you have cleared all your previous tests, you can book the Part 3B test but the question that arises is what to bring in the test and what would the questions be like? This blog has answers to all your questions.

What all to take in your bag while going for the test?

You need to bring:

  • A bus or a coach, or any (HGV) heavy goods vehicle that meets the government rules and policies.
  • Your passing certificate for the Part 3A test
  • Your passing certificate of theory test unless you are here to upgrade your licence to tow heavy trailers.

The vehicle you bring for the test should be of the same licence category that you used in your Part 3A test. For instance, if you qualified your part 3A test in an articulated lorry which is in the category CE, you need to use the same lorry for your part 3B best also.

You need to bring one of the following with you:

  • Photo card driving licence issued by Great Britain’s government
  • Paper counterpart and photo card driving licence issued by the Northern Ireland government
  • Photo card driving licence issued by the government of the EU (a paper counterpart is optional. If you have it, you need to bring one but if not then only the licence is required)

Just in case you don’t have your photo card or driving licence, you can bring your valid passport and a paper driving licence.

Remember that you will not be able to give the test if you don’t have any of the above, so make sure you keep everything organized and in place.

How the test works

The test is divided into two parts:

  • Safety questions on vehicles
  • Practical road driving for one hour

Safety questions on vehicles

During this test, you will be asked a few questions regarding the safety of Heavy goods vehicles. Your trainer might have taught you in your HGV driver training.

Road driving test

During the practical test of your road driving skills, the examiner will examine you based on

  • Move away at an angle, downhill and uphill
  • Use the vehicle controls
  • Use the mirrors
  • Do a controlled stop
  • Give proper signals
  • Show anticipation and awareness of other road users’ intentions
  • Control your vehicle’s speed and manage our progress
  • Deal with the hazards
  • Choose a safe place to stop

Also, you will have to go through a 10 minutes independent driving test. They will test you based on your skills while making independent decisions.


These are some important things you need to know about the test to qualify it.To get your HGV licence, you will have to clear all four parts of your examination.

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