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Did all your friends go to the beach to swim and sunbathe? And you went, but only sunbathing. Yes, a small attack, because the water is so cool, it is perfectly refreshing in the heat. What are you going to do; We suggest you read now, how to learn to swim with Lifeguard Training.

Many people are afraid that water will harm. Yes, it can, but only when you don’t follow the rules of behavior in the water. Let the most important – Do not drown your neighbor, even if you play water games . He can answer the same, so you easily find yourself under water. And this is unacceptable if you are a beginner swimmer. It is better to learn to dive underwater, because stress is not the best companion for someone who wants to learn how to swim alone.

Consider some simple steps you will need to take to learn how to swim on your own. Remember that swimming is useful both for health and for a beautiful body.

First, save the sunglasses for swimming so the water doesn’t irritate the eyes. In general, it is better to start swimming in the pool, but if there is no such possibility or you are not afraid of oblique views on the beach, then you can go with friends to rest and spend a few hours of training. Find a place where the water level will be at your waist. This is enough to learn to dive and stay in the water. You can find a place deeper, but only the water level should not be above the chest.

Submerge your head under the water and hold it in this position for 5-10 seconds . Then repeat the exercise 5 times. This is to make you understand that there is no one under the water and that there is nothing scary about diving. If you are suddenly afraid, then whenever you can find.

Hold your breath, bend your legs, grab them with your hands and press them into your stomach . Look at the bottom. Due to the fact that the lungs are full of air, you will remain in the water. Repeat the exercise 5 times. While there is plenty of air in your lungs, you will remain in the water and do not sink.

Now get straight, focus. Take a deep breath and push away from the bottom, straightening the body and keeping the arms straight directly above your head. The palms should lightly touch each other. To see it is necessary forward in the hands or the bottom. The legs should be straight. This exercise is called “recording”. If you did everything right, then you should slide into the water, just like a log. Repeat this exercise 10 times. When you are already a little familiar with this exercise, you should connect your legs to work. Start everything as always, but after a few seconds after the slide start moving your legs: the left leg rises slightly, bending at the knee, and the right one drops straight down. Then immediately the opposite, quickly raising the right and lowering the left leg.

After doing such exercises it’s time to swim for real. To operate the connection and hands. So, we do what was before, only we start with the right hand to describe a semicircle in the water, bring it to the thigh. Then immediately start working with your left hand. The fingers should be joined together and the arm slightly bent at the elbow. When the right hand approaches the hip, we take the hand out of the water and bring it forward without stretching. When you bring your arm forward, perform a similar underwater stroke with your left arm. Then alternate strokes, controlling the palm and bent elbow. Yes, it won’t work perfectly at first. First you need to learn to coordinate the movements of the arms and legs so that the body walks smoothly in the water. To increase the effect of strokes, one can practice with the hands: become firmly on the bottom and do exercises with the hands.

Now you have to learn to breathe properly while swimming . When you make the third stroke, then while moving your hands through the air, turn your head to the right and take a small breath, then turn your head to the left and make the fourth stroke. Exhalation should not be done at the same time as inhalation. This is done during the second stroke after inhalation. Lips make a tube and exhale into the water. Breathing is best practiced while standing in the water.

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