5 things that can make your SharePoint project easier

SharePoint Development

SharePoint gives you far better opportunities for collaboration across the company. You will be able to collaborate on documents, have a common structure for files and manage who may have access to what. So for most companies it is really a good idea to have a SharePoint solution with SharePoint Development.

SharePoint is included in most Microsoft 365 licenses .

When you are getting started with SharePoint, it is a good idea to see it as a project for the company. You should do that, as it will require some time from you as a company – even if you run it together with an IT supplier.

This is how you get an easier SharePoint project

We have run a lot of SharePoint projects with small and medium-sized companies. Here we have collected 5 things that you can do to make your SharePoint project easier. The 5 things are for company managers or you, who are responsible for implementing SharePoint in their company.

The goal is to make your SharePoint project easier. And ensure that all the users in your company get off to a good start using SharePoint. Simply because it is a much easier way to collaborate.

The 5 things are:

  • Tell us more about your company
  • Be aware of the transition to your new SharePoint solution
  • Training of employees
  • Be persistent
  • Ask for help when you need it

Tell us more about your company

Often, technology and solution go hand in hand when you think of SharePoint. What a SharePoint solution looks like, what it can do and how much it costs. You may already have a solution in mind that needs to be implemented.

Here it is important to remember that SharePoint is only a tool.

It must support your routines, processes and be used actively by the employees so that they get it under their skin.

Therefore, we need to know as much as possible about your company, your employees, your customers and business partners as well as your challenges.

For example, we would like to know more about your future plans:

Do you have plans to grow?
Do you plan to deliver new products or services?
Do you have plans to open new branches?
How do you work today?
Would you like to work more in Teams?
All this is crucial knowledge when your SharePoint solution is to grow with the company. Otherwise, you risk being left with a solution that needs to be redone. We have and must have more focus on your company than we have on SharePoint.

Be aware of the transition to your new SharePoint solution

When you order a SharePoint solution from NHL Data, we take care of it

prepare project schedule
setup in collaboration with you
inform you about the status
You do not have to do anything while the solution is being set up. However, after the solution is delivered, all data and files that you have on your local server must be transferred to SharePoint.
Some are considering whether to leave some of their files on the old server and then work with their files in two different places. Both from SharePoint and from the old server.

The rest of the files are rarely transferred. We recommend that you transfer all documents in the first instance. It takes a little longer, but also gives a much better result.

We will help you all the way, but we cannot know which documents need to be moved where. Therefore, we need an overview from you that explains where you want to transfer the various files to.

Training of employees

Depending on how your SharePoint is set up, it does not require great technical skill to work in the solution.

We set it up so that your SharePoint can be found via Stiffener, where most people work. So our introduction to the employees is to show them where the drive is located and how they should be aware of e.g. uploads of the folders.

If you prefer to work in the web browser version of SharePoint, we would like to know in advance. Because then it requires a different introduction.

A good way to train employees can be for them to move their existing files into the new file structure on SharePoint themselves. So they themselves know where they are – and they have been inside the new structure several times. That’s the best way to learn it.

Make a plan for how you will get around all the employees in the company – including those who work outside the house – together with your contact from NHL Data.

Be persistent

Some love new ways of working and new tools. Others prefer to keep doing things the way they know – even if the new way makes more sense for the collaboration.

If someone is allowed to send mail with holiday wishes and finds that they are also approved via mail, then it will be difficult to switch to the new holiday plan in SharePoint. The only way to get everyone to use the vacation schedule is to stop approving vacation requests that arrive by email and instead insist they use SharePoint.

And, as mentioned earlier, you can consider whether there are files that the employees themselves need to move.

Ask for help when you need it

Most people are often busy – and especially company managers. Therefore, it is extra annoying if there are problems with your SharePoint solution or if your employees experience challenges.

Your contact at NHL Data will always contact you two weeks after delivery to find out if everything is going as it should. If problems arise later, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

In my opinion, many of the points can be relevant, regardless of which IT solution is to be implemented in your company.

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