India’s Top Attendance Management Software

Attendance Management Software, Must Have features

By focusing on other activities that can help your company achieve its goals, you may be able to spend more time on them.

It is possible to save time with the right human resources solution. This will allow you to spend more time finding, recruiting, and training great people. The personnel upgrade can make your organization more competitive.

HRMS offers flexible attendance solutions that can help you manage your workforce better and meet your business needs. The HRMS allows you to integrate payroll, benefits, attendance management, reporting, and HR integration. This will reduce the time required for basic tasks. Reporting and data analysis can help address various human resource issues.

Top 10 most effective attendance management systems

You want the best for your company, so it is important to research all options before deciding on the employee attendance system that will work for you.

It is essential to research the various companies that offer attendance management platforms thoroughly. This will help you decide and find the best system for your needs. Below are the top 11 attendance management systems based on their significant features.

1. UBS Attendance management system

Gone are the days when the attendance management process was all about endless paperwork or scrolling excel sheets.

UBS Attendance management system redesigns the entire process of managing employee attendance!

It is a part of HRMS, which is particularly designed to cut down paperwork and simplify approval workflows. It is also the safest storehouse to manage sensitive employee data.

2. SumHR

SumHR is another HRMS that helps startups and small businesses streamline their HR and pay processes. Its mission is to simplify boring tasks for HR professionals and change their perceptions about human resource management. It’s on a mission to improve the effectiveness of HR departments within businesses around the globe.

3. Keka

The primary purpose of Keka was to assist Indian enterprises in improving the employee experience through accurate processes. This, in turn, helps to reduce employee turnover. Over 400 companies used Keka’s platform across India within one year of its launch in 2016.

4. ZingHR

ZingHR is one of the oldest providers of HRM. It has kept its technical expertise intact to offer a modern, comprehensive HR solution that is used by more than 5 lac employees across over 500 companies. ZingHR is mobile-first and employee-centric.

ZingHR is trusted and used by startups and medium-sized businesses to achieve company strategy alignment, team execution, and peak employee performance.

5. GreytHR

Greytip cloud-based software was created to provide enterprises around the globe with cost-effective and relevant HR software solutions. GreytHR, a product that focuses on small and medium-sized businesses, claims that it only assists with the technical side of the business.

6. Kredily

Kredily was founded in 2017 to make HR software available to all Indian businesses. It started with the goal of transforming HR for Indian companies. Kredily is trusted by over 1000 enterprises and can now make HR software available to even more people by providing it free of charge.

7. Securtime

Regarding the company Securtime, India’s most widely used time and workforce management software, Securtime offers services that allow enterprises to track their scattered workforces in real-time. It also includes biometric Attendance management, Web apps, and mobile applications.

8. Adrenalin eSystems Limited (AeSys)

Adrenalin eSystems Limited in India (AeSys) is a well-known Human Capital Alignment Software provider. Adrenalin, a comprehensive web-based solution, manages administrative and strategic business-to-employee processes.

It allows everyone to work together with the highest possible dedication and teamwork. This contributes to team productivity. Adrenalin creates the perfect solution to transform your HR function into an electronic attendance management system. It uses software to maximize your most valuable resource, your people.

9. Qandle

The platform organizes and manages all aspects of HR, such as personnel management, objectives, feedback, expense management, payroll management, and performance reviews.

10. HR Mantra

HR Mantra, a top cloud attendance software in India, has been adopted across large organizations. It is a flexible approach that uses advanced technology to simplify HR activities.

HRMantra includes all HRMS functions, from candidate entry to exit, including induction, HRIS, attendance, leave, payroll, training, and assessments.

11. HROne

HROne was established in 2013 to simplify complex processes that were manual and inefficient. HROne provides a system for HR management and staff management solutions for all companies.

It allows for seamless interaction with other applications. This will enable you to create an efficient “human resource system” and unique features and functions.


Now you know what to expect from a cloud-based attendance management system. It is time to make the final decision about the attendance system that your company will use.

Your organization no longer has to deal with human error. You can adapt intelligent systems to save attendance information and reduce tension with the advancement of technology.

A well-designed attendance management system will give you better insight into your employees’ working hours, eliminate missed punches, simplify attendance monitoring, and provide more accurate reporting. The Punching attendance management system’s features are key to making attendance and time tracking simpler.

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