Every chef eventually has to learn how to manage fruit flies. They never go alone and regularly appear out of nowhere, all those tiny red-eyed gnats. The flies are never solo travellers and arrive from anywhere. When you don’t take action immediately, you’ll soon find yourself defending your kitchen cupboards and sharing your fruit bowl’s contents with hundreds of unexpected flies. Have you recently been affected by fruit flies? Calling Pest Control Geelong at this time would be necessary. Fruit flies may also be controlled quickly and easily using various methods, including store-bought and homemade traps. You should be able to eliminate your fruit fly issue if you are careful about implementing these suggestions.

Fruit flies can enter your house in several ways.

To resolve the problem, it is essential to comprehend the base of the fruit fly infestation in your home. When you buy foods at the local supermarket or farm owners’ market, these annoying little bugs frequently accompany them home. By carefully washing it, fruit flies are removed from the food, but it’s difficult to determine if they have already placed eggs in your meal. They are happy to find shelter in your kitchen if they discover a sufficient food supply.

Once inside your house, fruit flies will look for ripe fruits to put their eggs on, along with other decomposing objects like trash and other food scraps. Usually, after a day or two, fruit fly larvae hatch and pass the next seven days feeding on ripe fruits. They will eventually mature into adult fruit flies within a week or two, at which point they will drop their eggs. Unfortunately, fruit flies have a short lifespan; therefore, getting rid of them might not be simple.

The question is: Are those fruit bugs?

The insects you see buzzing about may not be fruit flies. Despite having red eyes and being a little brown insect, drain flies and fungus gnats are sometimes mistaken for fruit flies. Because they deposit their eggs in the soil of indoor plants, fungus gnats are typically observed milling around there. They are frequently found near sink drainage or garbage disposals. The same traps often work on these pests, but you’ll have to clean their specific nesting places to stop fungal insects or gutter flies from laying eggs.

Fruit fly removal instructions:

Start by cleaning your kitchen thoroughly.

Throwing away anything on your countertop may help you eliminate fruit flies by eliminating any ripe or rotting food where they may have deposited eggs. Are you wish to eat that fruit, even though fruit fly larvae hole into food to feed? It could seem like a waste. Until the insect problem is resolved, you should wash each new fruit you take home well and store it in the fridge. Fruit flies might grow in your garbage can, mainly if it contains foods starting to degrade, so people may want to take out the trash more frequently.

Additionally, it would be best to clean your garbage disposal by rinsing it with hot water after grinding a few ice cubes to remove any food particles that may be stuck. Keeping the house as neat as possible for about a week stops fruit flies from producing new eggs. To prevent the flies from smelling any food residue, regularly wipe clean countertops. You can clean your kitchen by yourself or take help from Pest Control Geelong services.

Use apple cider vinegar to catch flies.

Fruit flies won’t be able to reproduce if your kitchen is clean, but you’ll need to get away from any other insects that are buzzing your house. Making a simple fruit fly trap out of everyday household items is one of the most acceptable methods. A small bowl with apple cider vinegar should also include a few tablespoons of dish soap. Apple cider vinegar repels fruit flies more than white vinegar because it has a decaying fruit scent. Although more expensive than apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar serves the same purpose. Put the plate in a location with many flies after microwaving the mixture for around 20 seconds to make the vinegar smell stronger. The aroma will attract the bugs. When the solution becomes soaked with dead flies, dump it and replace it with the new key.

Please keep them in a bottle.

One popular DIY method is to catch the flies in a bottle; this may be done using a liquor, juice, or alcohol bottle after the liquid has been extracted. First, cover the bottle’s opening with a plastic sheet and rubber band before sticking several small holes throughout the top. The flies will enter after being attracted by the pleasant aroma of growing grapes, become trapped, and finally die.

Fruit Fly Traps with Liquid Lure

Fruit fly traps with liquid lures are virtually as inexpensive to operate as sticky traps but provide far better results. Most people operate on similar principles as the homemade fruit fly traps discussed throughout this article, but they are considerably smaller and less visible. 

How can fruit flies be finally got rid of in five minutes?

Removing an infestation will sadly take more time; it would be ideal for getting rid of flies after just a few minutes. Fly swatters with fine-mesh surfaces or isopropyl alcohol can be used to kill the visible flies in an analogue manner. You should also wash your kitchen and throw out any overripe fruits where the bugs may lay their eggs as a long-term remedy.


To prevent fruit flies from entering the house and laying their eggs, you must make it as difficult for them to do so and give a way to eliminate those that do. In other words, you need to control a hundred tiny details to prevent your home from turning into a fruit fly home. That is the most substantial reason for hiring a specialist Pest Control Geelong service to support your work. They can use items and machinery off to the general public. A pest treatment professional has the expertise and skills to rid your home of fruit flies, which is more vital.

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