Here’s why you should absolutely choose a Head Shaver over Traditional Razors

When it comes to the world of male grooming, there are certain styles and fashions that never go out of style. The flat back and sides, the crew cut, and the baldie top are some things that have become almost evergreen in the genre of male grooming. One of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to male grooming is a Head Shaver for Men. A bald top can never be achieved with simply a pair of scissors and lowly razors.  If you really want to sport a bald look, a Head Shaver is indispensable. Here we will be taking a look at the several plus points of using a shaver over other grooming tools and why you should definitely pick one up.

The good ones

Are you trying to achieve a smooth bald top? You may be confronted with niggling issues which you cannot overcome by picking up a razor. On the other hand, when you pick up a Head Shaver for Men and do the job, you can do the job quickly while ensuring utmost safety. Here we have mentioned some of the myriad advantages of using a Head Shaver.

(1) Ideal for Sensitive Skin: Traditional Razors tug and scrape off hair while shaving. This is the reason why most people refrain from using these razors. Scraping off of hair can cause skin irritation. But, with the modern Head Shaver for Men, there is no such issue.  The blades of the shaver snip off the hair without causing any harm to the scalp. Thus, you can rest assured that your scalp is completely protected. So, if you have sensitive skin, this is a crucial piece of equipment for you.

(2) Durability: If you compare the cost of traditional razors over a Head Shaver, you will find that the upfront costs are quite high for the latter. But, at the same time, you should note here that a Head Shaver for Men lasts for a very long time, unlike razors. So, in the long run, the cost gets balanced out. The blades are also made up of high-grade stainless steel and thus are pretty robust ones. Therefore, it goes without saying, that maintenance is not a big issue when it comes to these shavers. But, still, it is advisable that you replace the blades once a year or as per your usage. They can work just fine even in the most strenuous situation.

(3) Delivers an enjoyable shaving experience: A Head Shaver can really work at a high RPM of about 10,000 RPM and is completely waterproof. But are you wondering, how does this even matter? Well, this matters a lot. If you want to have a safe and pleasant shaving experience, a high RPM does count. This will also save you a lot of time, unlike shaving with a traditional foam razor. On top of that, it is pretty obvious that you are going to use these shavers in moist areas, like showers, washbasins, etc. The waterproof feature of a Head Shaver for Men ensures that you are spared from the risk of getting an electric shock. These are some of the features that make them a sure choice over their contemporaries.

(4) Long Battery Life: Most of the good shavers that you come across in the market really have good battery life. They are equipped with Lithium Ion Batteries that not only deliver a pretty decent battery backup but also get charged up quite rapidly. This is one of its most sought-after positives. After all, who would want their Head Shaver to stop functioning mid-way between a shave?

(5) Effortless Cleaning: When one trims and shaves, a lot of debris is generated that clogs up a Head Shaver for Men. So, it becomes quite essential to properly and periodically clean them. Thankfully, most of the head shavers that are available in the market come with a cleaning kit and sometimes even a cleaning station that is paramount in properly cleaning up the mess. So, you can keep your head shavers in top form, now and always.

Key Takeaway:

Head Shaving can be a nightmare for you if you don’t have the right gear to back you up. So, before you start with Head Shaving, you should have all the necessary equipments with you. Are you one of those who love donning a flat bald top? Then, you should definitely consider picking up a Head Shaver for Men. This piece of equipment will definitely make achieving that bald top a breeze.

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