Check out to know what size of solar panel can be right for you.

At the time of determining the number of solar panels you require, there are major-three aspects to consider to get the most conveniences of solar energy: –

1. Average daily energy consumption of yours. 

2. The sun Hours in your area. 

3. Your roof size.

So, the most crucial guideline in finding the number of solar panels that are required. Over here, the principal consideration is the total amount of kilowatts (Kwh) you currently use or plan to use in your home.

Secondly, the amount of energy produced by the solar panel – depends on sun hours and is influenced by your location. There are various amounts of sun hours in the Penrith of Australia that can affect the number of solar panels you require.

And your roof size is the prime factor as it will determine the number of panels that are going to fit on your roof, how much energy going to produce, and the cost. This is also necessary to ponder the roof sustainability; whether it can bear the weight of the solar panels, and in-which ways it will be angled.

If you are thinking of getting a 13 KW solar panel, then let’s look at some points before knowing the 13kw Solar System Price

Why 13kW – Solar Panels Could Be Right For You?

Are you interested in converting to solar power but worried whether it will even meet your electricity needs? – If you have a large home or property with power requirements, a 13 kW solar panel system is the right choice for you.

The solar system of 13 kW is very-enormous, and the number of solar panels you require to generate a remarkable amount of electricity will be higher than usual. Generally, this structural format is utilized for commercial rather than domestic purposes. Even if your energy demand is massive, this accomplishment can soothe your pursuit while making your house eco-friendlier.

You can earn money for exporting surplus energy to the grid under the Smart Export scheme.

A 13 kW solar panel system is a good solution for average to larger homes. The size of such a system allows it to produce just the right amount of electricity needed to meet the daily needs of a large family. If you are thinking of installing a solar system of this size – you need a lot of space, and that would probably be around 77 m 2 of bare roof space.

How much would this 13kW solar panel system price?

It is tough to set a specific price for the system, but it is safe to say that it’s expected to cost around £13,000 – however, their significant power output gives them the fastest payback time with the Solar Batteries Penrith

Smart Export Scheme: – 

It’s a governmental-based concept in Australia that enables you to earn money through your panels. If you generate a great surplus of power, you can sell it by transferring that amount of power to the grid. From energy suppliers to energy suppliers the rate differs, so a bit of advice for you to do some research work before proceeding with someone.

Feed-in tariff

According to the Australian Government plan – Homeowners are rewarded for both the generation and export of surplus energy. However, even though the scheme was officially closed just a few days ago, some new applications are still allowed.

You have to keep in mind that the tariffs can vary when it comes to feed-in duty. Generally, the larger the system, the lower the rate, as larger systems-typically produce more electricity. However, from a long-term perspective, your system will produce more electricity. FiT rates will be slightly lower; which will naturally lead to higher savings.

How much electricity does the system produce?

The performance of your 13 kW solar system depends on several factors – such as which side it is installed on your roof or which side your roof faces and of course the quality of the materials used. Maximum strength can be achieved through an unobstructed view of the south-facing sun. But weather conditions or some shading on your panel can cause some power loss. A 13 kW system can generate approximately 920 to 2100 kWh of energy per month, which is stored by batteries – which generate this energy for at least 5 sun hours per day with the panels facing south.

How to choose the right system?

A 13kw solar panel system ought a substantial investment therefore, you are required to research and compare your options before asking about the 13 KW solar panel price. Obviously, it can be pretty complex and could take a long time. In case you require support in your research process, then look no further to consult with an expert you’ll be able to compare various suppliers in a moment.

Consulting an expert will definitely protect you from different quotes from different suppliers, from which you can select one according to the experts. The service comes completely free and with no obligations by providing you the liberty to determine which suppliers match your purpose or refuse all quotes.

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