6 Myths About Studying in America Among International Students


America is one of the finest nations when it comes to pursuing studies overseas. However, sometimes students stop themselves from going to the country for their education due to certain misconceptions. Keeping this in mind, today we are going over six misconceptions about studying in the US among foreign students.

Studying in America Is Expensive

Studying at American educational institutions can be quite expensive in comparison to studying in your home country. This is because of the global reputation of American universities. However, this does not mean you will have to bear the entire cost of pursuing education in the country. There are many scholarships that can help you reduce your financial burden. Besides this, you can also consider studying at public universities or community colleges than private universities. Why? Because private universities charge more money in comparison to public/community colleges. So, do use these tips if you wish to make your education economical. To learn about public universities in the USA in detail feel free to contact our best US education consultants in India.

You Will Be Left Out

Most students fear that they may be left out in friend groups if they go overseas for education. Moreover, they fear ending up alone in the country due to their nationality and different cultural norms.  But this is not true and most universities in the USA have a good percentage of foreign students.  Moreover, there are many cultural societies in American universities so that international students don’t feel left out in the country. Besides this, the people of the country are also very humble and kind. In short, you won’t feel left in the country. Just ensure that you join the right groups and you will be able to easily settle in the USA.

The Application Process Is Annoying

Many students believe that the application process at American universities is annoying and daunting. However, the admission process is rather very favorable for international students. American universities evaluate students on the basis of their academic performance, extracurricular work, and personality. Besides this, they emphasize students’ qualities and character while giving admission to them. In simple words, the application process is not daunting at all at American universities. Moreover, you can easily get admission to these universities if you prepare your application well.

Professors Don’t Give Attention to Foreign Students

It is a false assumption and misconception. Faculties in the universities of the US give equal priority and attention to all students. Moreover, you will never encounter a situation in the country where a faculty behave differently or ignore you. Instead, you will find that they are quite helpful and go out of the way to help you in your studies. Furthermore, they will even share resources with you that will help you easily understand the concepts being taught in the classroom. In short, you won’t face any problems with your professor/faculty in the country.

Bullying Is Common

This is another prevalent myth about the universities in the US. It is something that international students see a lot in American movies and series. As a result, many international students hesitate to go to the country for their education. But honestly speaking, you won’t face bullying problems in the US. Why? Because most American colleges/universities have anti-bullying policies to stop bullying on their campuses. Additionally, the authorities of the universities/colleges also monitor the atmosphere/environment of their campuses closely to make it safe for students. In short, you won’t face any bullying problems while studying in the US.

American Educational Institutions Only Accept Students With Outstanding Academic Performance

US universities don’t rely solely on the test scores of the students for evaluating them. They also assess students on the basis of their other achievements and activities they do outside of the classroom.  So, make sure you also give equal importance to outdoor activities and hobbies if you wish to study at an American school/college. However, you may require to get a certain GPA score to study at the universities in the USA. To learn about the admission requirements of different American universities in detail feel free to contact our USA study visa consultants in Chandigarh.


These are some of the most common myths about studying in the USA among international students. However, there is no truth in any of these myths. So, make sure you don’t let these misconceptions stop you from going to the US for pursuing your higher studies. Doing this can be quite beneficial for your studies/career.

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