Master in Data Science from Australia: Eligibility, Fee, Universities & More

Why pursue data science, and why specifically from Australia? There are a lot of other countries like the USA, UK, Canada and many more to consider. Of course, there are advantages for each country. However, Australia has something extraordinary to offer. If you are an international student having difficulty fixing a destination for a Master in Data Science degree, Australia can bring you many quality things. Stuff like budget, equation style, lifestyle and job opportunities (which are among the most valued in study abroad) are easy in the country. In other words, for a specific kind of student, Australia can be a place for data science masters.

Why Data Science from Australia?

The first thing here to know is that Australia is cheap. Not cheap, like crazy low, but compared to the USA, UK and Canada, you can do your data science master’s here at a much lower cost. Moreover, this feature is paired with the universities based here being one of the best worldwide. Ten Australian universities rank in the top #200 global universities, which is only growing. Data science master is more popular in the country, so you don’t have any difficulties choosing a good master there.

If this is not enough, Australia has the best job market possible. Due to fewer students and more demand for professionals, the job market in Australia pays you big bucks while keeping your value up. Graduating from a top Australian university will surely get a top-level job position with a big fat paycheck. Even if graduates earn less than in the USA, UK and Canada, many data science professionals are seen making six figures there. These all come with a laid-back education approach. You can complete your degree by gaining expert knowledge and expertise but also with ease.

What makes Australia one of the best countries to do a data science degree is not all these but all combined things. So if you start picking a location that has many features that are optimized, you will not find any answer other than Australia itself.

Data Science in Australia: Eligibility & Fee

When you apply for a master’s egress like data science in Australia, the universities require you to be eligible. The things you need to qualify for the same purpose are standard. These things do not generally differ based on country. However, it is important to keep an extra careful eye on these.

Masters in Data Science from Australia eligibility:

  • undergraduate degree (from a recognized university)
  • academic transcripts and records
  • test scores like GRE or GMAT
  • a language test score
  • an application fee (non-refundable)

MS in data science in Australia in general costs around 15-25 lakhs annually in Australia. This means that under a budget of 40-50 lakhs, you can complete your entire course (tuition only) and then proceed with a career. If you manage your expenses, the total tuition can also be limited to 30 lakhs. Australia provides many opportunities to customize your education and get the best.

Data Science in Australia: Top Universities

While Australia is a cheaper option, do not take it in any bad way. Education experts and consultants put Australian universities on the top list. In general, choosing a top-tier university in the country is equivalent to studying anywhere like the USA, UK, Canada, Germany etc. So if you wish to find a place where you can invest with a limited budget, target top universities, and have a relaxing approach to education paired with quality education and lots of scholarships, Australia is the place for you.

Since you start preparing for a Master in Data Science, one of the most important things is to choose the best university from the best ones. You must know the best options for the same purpose to get there. The top universities in Australia for Master in Data Science:

1University of MelbourneMelbourne
2University of SydneySydney
3Monash UniversityMelbourne
4Australia National UniversityCanberra
5University of QueenslandBrisbane
6RMIT UniversityMelbourne
7University of New South WalesKensington
8University of AdelaideAdelaide
9Deakin UniversityGeelong
10La Trobe UniversityMelbourne


Wherever you go, whatever you do, the budget remains an issue. By choosing Australia for a data science master’s degree, you minimize your expenses and still get benefits measured on a global scale. The country is fair and lucrative regarding trendy professions, just like data science. Sources like Glassdoor and Indeed show the same thing. If you are interested in a data science master’s and are confused about the destination, start preparing for an Australian university.

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