How to pair Bluetooth headphones and earphones

If you are searching for why won’t my AirPods connect to my Chromebook then this article will show you how to connect Bluetooth headphones and Air Pods to your smartphone and other devices, no matter if you are a new or an experienced user of wireless audio.

How do you pair Bluetooth headphones?

Perhaps you feel like the tech world is pushing you to join the wireless earphone and headphone revolution. Many new phones ship without 3.5mm headphones. Wireless audio is not only for the tech-savvy, but anyone can pick up a pair and enjoy some music. It’s really easy to use Bluetooth headphones. All you have to do is to connect them. You can also connect wireless headphones to a phone. We are here to help.

Connecting Headphones via Bluetooth

The buttons that you press and how long they are held can vary depending on which headphones you have, but the pairing is easy. First, open the settings menu of your phone. Next, tap the Bluetooth menu. Make sure Bluetooth is on in the Bluetooth menu. Next, go to your headphones/earphones and click the Bluetooth pairing button. If you aren’t sure what button it is, the manual will show you. Some headphones automatically enter pairing mode once they are powered on.

After holding down the button responsible for pairing for enough time (usually for a few seconds), your headphones’ LEDs should start blinking to signal that they are ready to pair with your device or phone. Go back to your phone, and you will see the name of the headphones on the screen. You should see the name of your headphones listed. You can try again if this fails.

Manufacturers sometimes use abbreviated names for their headphones, which can be genuinely head-scratching codenames or extremely vague names that only use the manufacturer’s name and not the product name. You will usually see the product name in the list of pair able products. Other products may be available that you can pair with–your phone or computer could show up. You won’t be able to pair them as long as you don’t tap on their device names.

Once you have paired your headphones, start listening to music. Depending on which pair you have, you can toggle playback, control volume, and track navigation directly from your headphones. With most pairs, Siri and other voice assistants can be summoned.

You can pair headphones with Apple’s W1 chip if you own an iPhone. It doesn’t take long to pair the headphones. An on-screen notification will appear when they are near your phone.

The bottom line is that Bluetooth pairing is simple, regardless of whether the Bluetooth devices are wireless in-ears, Bluetooth headphones, or true Wireless models. It takes approximately ten seconds to complete the process.

Reconnecting Headphones

This can be tricky. Bluetooth headphones that we tested automatically repaired with the device they were paired with most recently (such as your smartphone) when powered on, provided the phone is in Bluetooth range (30 feet) and is available for pairing. It is not unusual for a device that needs to be manually repaired each time it is powered up. This is annoying. Yes. It’s not hard to manage.

Open the Bluetooth menu on the phone and search for the name of the headphones that you want to pair. After you have completed the initial pairing process, the headphones don’t need to be put in pairing mode to allow them to be reconnected.

Bluetooth Headphones Can Be Forgotten or Unpaired

You might need to unpair headphones from your smartphone or another connected device for a variety of reasons. You might be having problems connecting to your headphones. In this case, you can reboot your device and try again. In this instance, it is possible to reboot your headphones and also to remove them from your Bluetooth device collection to start the pairing process over again.

Tap the “I” icon beside the name of your headphones on an iPhone to bring up a screen that offers the option to Forget This Phone. It will be removed from your phone’s list if you tap it. Although the process may vary between Android devices, it generally follows the same pattern. Your headphones will be back in your phone’s menu the next time you turn them on.

It is also worth noting that almost all of the above advice can be used to pair Bluetooth speakers.

The Best Bluetooth Headphones

You now know how Bluetooth headphones pair, so it’s time for you to go out and purchase a pair. For the most recent reviews, check out our headphones guide. After you have found the right pair, you can read our five tips to prolong the life of your headphones or six ways that you are using your headphones incorrectly.

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