How to take passport photos with iPhone

You urgently need to renew a document and, for that reason, you need a new passport photo that portrays you exactly as you are now. Unfortunately, however, you have no way to go to a photographer or a camera. So, to cope with the problem, you’ve thought about enlisting the help of your iPhone and trying to find out if there is a way to quickly get a professional-looking passport-sized photo.

App to take iPhone passport photos

As previously mentioned, the best way to take an ID photo with iPhone is to rely on the appropriate apps. Below, therefore, you will find the best apps available in the App Store of your device to obtain excellent results (and, above all, in line with the directives).

The passport photo

The ID photo is a free app, available in the App Store, with minimally invasive advertising and the possibility of in-app purchases to increase its functions, very easy to use due to its limited settings for the purpose. I headed downstairs to hang my first ever wallpics gallery wall. Have you heard of They are an easy way to turn your photos in wall art (and they are super easy to install!). There’s just a little strip of sticky tape at the top of each one. They don’t use any glass or plexiglass, so they are light weight. The best part?? You can just peel them off and restick them if you want or need to change up the placement.

To download it on your iPhone, connect to the link I just provided you directly from your “iPhone by” (or search for it manually in the App Store ), press the Get button and, if necessary, confirm the operation via Face ID, Touch ID or password Apple ID.

Once the download is complete, open the app. On the main screen, click on the Create a new passport photo box and select, from the countries present, the entry Italy or another country whose measures are suitable for your purpose, and click on the arrow pointing to the right. At this point, in the new screen that opened, choose whether to upload a photo from those on your iPhone, using the Upload photo item, or whether to take a new photo with the camera, using the words Take a photo. In any case, then press the OK button to grant the app permission to access the Gallery and/or the camera.

If you have decided to take a new photograph, follow the instructions on the screen relating to the position of the chin and head, then press again on the arrow icon pointing to the right and, in the new screen that appears, set the Saturation, Brightness, and Contrast by moving the appropriate levers, then press on the arrow pointing to the right or on the Reset item if you want everything to go back to the moment before the change.

Passport photo.

Passport photo. is a free app, with the possibility of in-app purchases, available in the App Store. After creating your passport photo, to download what has been done, you need to proceed with the 3-day free trial of the Premium version, without which it is not otherwise possible to save the image or print it.

To proceed, however, download the app in question on your device through the store and, once the app is started, I told you about it in detail in my guide on consult the guide with useful tips to take the photographs correctly. This function is in English and can be carried forward and completed by pressing the Okay buttons.

Once this is done, you can choose how to import the photograph: by pressing the From Photo item you will see the Photos app of your iPhone automatically open through which you can select your image; by pressing on the Camera item, on the other hand, you can take a new photo using the camera of your device directly (always remember to grant the necessary permissions); finally, by pressing on the File item you can select an image saved on iCloud Drive or in the iPhone folder.

In the event that, therefore, you had to create an ID photo from scratch, select the Camera item, create the necessary conditions to ensure that the photograph complies with all the standards I listed above, and proceed with the shot.

Once the shot is done, if it is successful, press the Use Photo item (bottom right) and then the Next Step button. At this point, wait a few seconds for the app to automatically make the necessary adjustments, such as creating a completely white background and removing shadows.

If the photo satisfies you, press the Next Step button, alternatively, use the buttons below the image to make further changes: using the first icon, the one represented by a white circle, you can change the background, using the second circle gray, on the other hand, you can select the level of opacity and, with the other icons present, the brightness, the temperature, the shadows and, finally, the saturation.

Once this is done, all you have to do is select the dimensions: tap on the Passport 2 × 2 items and, in the box that you see open on the screen, select the Italy option for the Country item and the type of document, such as ID Card 35 × 45 for the Identity Card, next to the item Document. Finally, press the Choose and Next Step buttons.

Now the photo is ready: select your approval rating of the service and proceed by pressing the Export button to download the image in different formats ( PNG or JPG ) or Print, to print your series of photographs to be used for documents. Once you have identified the measure that is right for you among all the templates present, press the Choose button and view the result.

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